Understanding the Increased Interest in Homegrown Herbs


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With the current global emphasis on the importance of herbal foods and healthy lifestyles, the cost of herbal foods has skyrocketed. Therefore, growing herbs at home is not only fun but also money saving. Herbs are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that act as natural remedies to common ailments such as a cold. Additionally, some herbs are used to enhance beauty. The taste, smell and health benefits of fresh herbs from your home garden are priceless.

Benefits of Homegrown Herbs

Ancient societies valued herbs because they were used to treat different ailments long before hospitals and clinics were introduced. Though they were used as trial and error, the results were excellent and were passed on by word of mouth. The current increase in new ailments and conditions that were non-existent during ancient times, has rekindled the growth and use of herbs globally.

Homegrown herbs are fresh and of high quality. The herbs bought in grocery stores were picked at unknown periods and preserved. Thus, they languish on shelves, lose freshness and crucial nutrients. Moreover, the herbs may have been exposed to unnatural contaminations and chemicals. However, when you invest in growing herbs at home, you enjoy their freshness and get the most out of their natural nutrients. When you grow herbs at home, you control the growth, harvesting, drying and storage processes to ensure that they are not contaminated. Any form of contamination can lead to numerous health complications. Hence the need to pay attention to the source of your foods especially herbs.

Herbs have numerous values that include aromatherapy, beverages and foods flavorings, seasoning and medicinal properties. Most herbs contain cancer-fighting antioxidants, fat-free flavors and nutrients. Having a trusted source of fresh herbs whenever you need them ensures that you have the best herbal ingredients to make delicious meals.

Additionally, whether you plant herbs on large or small scale, you are guaranteed of variety. You cannot grow just one or two types of herbs. You will have the urge to diversify and grow a wide range of herbs such as; home grown tea, basil, oregano, coriander, lavender, lemon balm and rosemary just to mention a few.

Tea is a herb that is used globally especially for breakfast. However, most people are oblivious to the fact that tea can be grown and brewed at home. Once ready for harvest, pick two young leaves and a bud for the freshest flavour. Heat the leaves through steaming for about 2 minutes and run them under cold water to stop heating. Roll and dry the leaves in a warm oven until they are crispy ready for storage and consumption. Depending on climate, tea plants are harvested once a year during spring.

Every dish tastes better with fresh herbs and the best way to get fresh herbs is to grow them in your kitchen garden or indoors. Growing herbs means that you will have numerous and healthy food options. You watch and control what you consume to avoid health complications that result from chemical and human contamination.

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