Emerging Gardening Trends



Emerging Gardening Trends 2016

The DIY culture

Thanks to technology and availability of resources on the internet, the DIY culture has triggered invention, experimentation and re-purposing in the gardening sector. Interested and dedicated gardeners are studying their soils under microscopes to come up with creative ways to maximize their gardens and get the best results while saving water among other resources. Resources like water that people depend on to garden are limited and need to be used minimally. The use of technology, new and native plants offers the opportunity to conserve and protect scarce gardening resources.

Well-tality trend

People are becoming more cautious about what they consume. As much as it is overlooked, horticulture plays a crucial part in the health and wellness sector. It affects how we feel and people appreciate a healthy body, soul and mind. For example, house plants such as garden mum and peace lily are known as air purifiers. On the other hand, edible plants landscaping like raspberries, berry bushes, and blackberries offers fresh and rare antioxidants.

Layered landscapes

With the increased campaigns on the benefits of eco-friendly gardening and negative effects of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, people are doing their best to transform their yards to natural habitats. This is through planting native plants that are pest-resistant and do not require chemical boosts to grow. Such plants support the natural ecosystem, pollinators and native wildlife such as; insects and birds.

Edible gardening

The current real food movement has triggered people to produce their own foods at home. Since not everyone has a kitchen garden at their disposal, the use of window boxes and patio pots has increased significantly. Standard growing fruit trees and bush varieties like peas and beans are great for patio pots or window boxes.

Connected greenery

Though leading busy lifestyles, most urban dwellers are interested in eco-friendly gardening. However, the prominent gardening knowledge barrier derails their landscaping efforts. Gardening requires understanding on how to grow various plants, the nutrients and garden tools they require to thrive. Instead of searching for such information in books that may be hard to acquire, interested gardeners are advised to use their smart phones. There are apps that assist people in their gardening quests and keep them informed regarding upcoming trends as well.


The more people learn about natural resources, the more they appreciate and care for them. Thus, being in sync with nature will have a big impact in establishing healthy lifestyles. To get more ideas on how to embrace the growing gardening trends, visit garden fairs and garden center events within your area.

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