How to Create Lasting Color in Your Garden


How to create lasting color


First of all, don’t forget to celebrate National Public Garden’s Day tomorrow, May 6th, 2016!

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Now, to create lasting color in YOUR garden!

Color is what defines a garden, makes it vibrant and interesting to look at. Hence, the need to create lasting color in your garden. Creating lasting color throughout all seasons seems impossible to some people. However, it is all about planning, understanding your landscaping preferences and above all your regions’ growth capabilities. Here is how to do it.

Use all kinds of plants

Your landscape is the first thing visitors see when they enter your compound. Therefore, it should always be colorful and welcoming. The best to ensure it remains vibrant is to plant all types of plants that are native to your area. Native plants and flowers are always recommended because they require less attention, little to no usage of fertilizers, pesticides and they adapt easily to the climatic changes in your region. Different plants and flowers have different shapes and color. Moreover, their growth seasons vary. Therefore, your garden will always have blooming colorful plants. Flowering shrubs, landscape roses, and small trees form a good garden backbone.

Consider seasons

Creating a perfect spring garden is easy. The challenge is creating a colorful garden during summer and other seasons. Thus, consider using plants that blossom during summer and fall such as shrubs and trees that have brightly colored fruits and fall foliage colors. Though it may be expensive, you can water the grass during summer to maintain the green color. You can reuse kitchen water or use conservative irrigation methods.

Determine your color theme

Having a colorful garden is one thing while having a chaotic color mix is another. Nobody would like the latter because it portrays confusion and lack of direction. To avoid having a chaotic garden, determine a color theme that you can easily achieve with native or adapted plants. Just like fashion, use different shades of one color and blend them with complementary colors such as red and purple. If you love bold colors, use contrasting colors like red and yellow. A touch of white makes everything look in place and better. Moreover, white can be used with any other color and still look radiant.


You have decided on the plants to use and the color theme to adopt. But, you cannot just throw the plants anywhere in the garden. Organization is key to ensuring that all the plants radiate and bring out their beauty. Arranging/ planning how your garden should look like is done by professional designers. However, with a few tutorials, anyone can be their own designer. Come up with a planting pattern that mixes all the colors you chose. Mix plants that grow during different seasons to avoid blanks when some plants are off season.

Beautiful gardens are not created overnight. They require dedication, proper planning, maintenance and care. You will have drama and tiring moments but at the end of the day, you will enjoy the subtle beauty that will be the envy of your neighborhood. If planning alone is hard, higher a designer from your area. Designers always have a way of making gardens look awesome throughout the entire growth period.

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