5 Ideas to Make a Kid-Friendly Garden

5 Ideas to make a

We all love enjoying a cool garden breeze and scenic view. However, kids love enjoying the outdoor environment too but are often not considered when the gardens are being designed. Kids are magical and there are times when they will want to be part of your gardening home projects. Moreover, you could use gardening as a tool to encourage your kids in becoming more active and responsible.

How to create a kid-friendly garden

Play area

The first step towards achieving an effective kid-friendly garden is creating a play area with numerous kid-friendly activities. Children love playing among other exciting outdoor activities. However, they are more drawn to the myriad of indoor attractions like PlayStation and tablets. Thus, you must motivate them to explore the outdoor activities by dedicating a play area. Include swings, trampoline, a play hut or house where they can spend time with friends. Incorporate this without compromising space and beauty of your garden.

Choose kid-friendly plants

Plants and flowers are beautiful and offer a wide range of color in your garden. However there are dangerous plants and flowers that can be harmful and poisonous to kids. Therefore, it is crucial to pick plants that are safe for kids of all ages. Also, consider plants that are inspiring to children. For example, you may find it exciting to grow broccoli, but it may not be inspiring to kids. Consider plants that offer enough shade for your kids when they are playing.

Attract animals and birds

Kids love to interact and observe with everything that moves. Thus, creating a garden that attracts insects, animals and birds may be appealing to your kids. They will have a need to satisfy their curiosity. To achieve this, plant trees and shrubs that are native to your region. Native plants attract insects for pollination as well as wildlife and birds. To make your garden more attractive to wildlife, consider adding a bird feeder, fish pond and plants that attract butterflies. However, watch out for dangerous wildlife like snakes.

Involve your children from the design stage

Involving your children during the garden designing process not only ensures that you create a kid-friendly garden but also offers them an exciting opportunity to learn about gardening. Encourage them to be responsible for allocating a part of the garden to your kids to plant what they think would work. Ensure that they tend to their area often and offer guidance when they are stuck. Spice up their gardening experience through planting edible plants, creating sign posts and adding a perfume garden.

Add water

Kids love water and use it as a play tool. The best way to add water to your garden is through a water feature. It is beautiful to look at and offers ready playing water for your kids. Ensure that you warn your kids against drinking the water.

Creating a kid-friendly garden is easy when you involve your kids. Bring out the kid in you and enjoy watching your garden blossom and your kids appreciate your efforts.

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