How to make a living privacy wall


how to make a living privacy wall


Some quiet time spent relaxing, reading a novel, newspaper or meditating at your porch is priceless. However, you are bound to miss all the joyous solitude your garden offers if the wall that separates your home from that of your neighbor is not well defined. Privacy is always important whether you are spending some alone time at your  garden or not. You may want to use that space to entertain your guests as you discuss serious issues in the future. Thus, creating a privacy wall for your porch means privacy for you, your family and guests.

How to make a living garden privacy wall for your porch

Privacy planting

Privacy planting may take time to get the desired results but is ideal for all year privacy provisions and do not have height limitations. You could use fast growing columnar evergreens such as arborvitae, cypress or sheared privet hedges. They offer simple yet effective solutions for separating adjoining yards, blocking sights to your home and offering the much-needed porch privacy.

Fences and walls

Fences and walls are used when you require a visual buffer urgently. A 6-foot board fence it the fastest way to offer year round privacy. Board fences and walls are available in different styles and colors that complement different architectural designs. However, be sure to check your local building codes for fencing heights and their restrictions. Moreover, fences and walls are ideal for use inside yards where fencing space is limited. They use less space as compared to privacy planting. Despite their effectiveness in ensuring privacy, they are not the most pleasing solution to look at. To make them interesting plant green shrubs or colorful flowers that soften the board’s solidity.

Panels and pergolas

Defined areas like a small porch are easy to screen as compared to a whole yard. You simply build an enclosure around them to create an intimate and private entertainment, relaxing or eating space while enjoying the outside weather. This privacy solution may take the shape of a slatted wooden pergola top. Cover them with climbing vines or lattice panels to fill the gaps and offer maximum privacy as you would prefer.

Ornamental ironwork, lattice and wood panels

Screens made from ornamental ironwork, lattice or shutter like wood panels can be set into the ground to enclose a U-shaped cozy corner from undesirable views. To ensure flexibility, place the post ends in lightweight planters with wheels, anchor them, set the posts in gravel or add concrete plugs to the feet. This way, you can easily move them to create more space when you have more guests to entertain.

Privacy is crucial. However, do not over dwell on creating privacy for your porch and forget to ensure that area receives enough natural light and air circulation. You want to enjoy your privacy and the outside atmosphere maximally. Thus, ensure all elements are thought of when creating your desired privacy wall. There are numerous ways to enhance your privacy; you just need to select one that interests you and complements your yard.

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