How to Take Care of Organic Trees and Shrubs

How to take care of organic trees and shrubs


Trees and shrubs are important investments that give your yard/ landscape a lifelong lush view. Organic trees and shrubs rely on naturally made fertilizers and pesticides to ward off pests and harmful insects. However, the key to maintaining organic trees and shrubs is preventive care. Preventive care programs help trees and shrubs remain healthy and allows them to fight off harmful insects naturally.

How to care for organic trees and shrubs

Use of beneficial insects, fungi, and bacteria

Beneficial insects released on your trees and shrubs consume adult insects and their larvae that harm your plants. For instance, a ladybug can eat up to 25 aphids in one day. On the other hand, beneficial fungi and bacteria promote good fungi for your plants that harmful insects and diseases cannot thrive under. Thus, your trees and shrubs develop naturally to their full health and capability.

Organic fertilizers and nutrients

The environmental benefits offered by organic fertilizers cannot be underestimated. However, different gardens and soils require different nutrients since they are different, and the owners cultivate differently. Thus, it would be advisable to seek professional gardening assistance where your soil is lab tested to determine the nutrients it lacks. Your professional gardening assistant will then make an organic mixture depending on what your soil requires. Thus, your trees and shrubs enjoy having all the crucial nutrients they require for healthy growth.

Physical and environmental changes

You may have to implement some environmental and physical changes within the area you grow trees and shrubs for them to thrive. This includes eliminating competing plants that create grow problems through resources and nutrients competition, adding beneficial plants, removing debris and trimming parts of the trees or shrubs that slow growth or cause problems.

Regular watering

Conditions and soils in every garden are different and hold water differently. Trees and shrubs need regular watering, especially during their first growth year. However, your soil type determines your trees and shrubs watering needs. If your soil holds water longer, you may not need to water daily. Determine how long your soil takes before drying four to six inches deep. You may have to use a garden trowel and screwdriver among other devices to dig into the soil. Once the soil dries, water slowly and longer to allow water to trickle down slowly and reach the root ball.


Pruning trees and shrubs promotes health, vigor, and a beautiful yard. Besides, pruning removes diseased or dead branches to promote growth of other healthy branches. Thus, it is a way of eradicating diseases that may have attacked your trees and shrubs during a certain growth season. Pruning removes at least 25% of the overall plant.

Just like most plants organic trees and shrubs require extra care and attention during their first growth year when they are getting established. If it is your first time growing organic trees and shrubs, seek professional assistance or do adequate research about how to grow the two under your climatic and soil conditions. Above all, remember to remain organic in terms of fertilization, nutrients addition and pest control.

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