5 Reasons to Choose Organic Produce


One of the major drawbacks of living in a fast-paced world is the rise of processed foods that are widely sold in the market today. These ready to consume items may seem like the perfect example of convenience at the time, but the long term effect that they have on our health may have tremendously harmful consequences. Fortunately, people have now started to drift back to a healthier, albeit costly, way of living which has sparked a realization of the value of incorporating organic produce into their daily lives. Here are 5 reasons why going back to our organic roots might be beneficial for us.

Avoiding Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) refer to nutrients that have undergone alterations in their genetic makeup due to scientific experimentation causing a chemical imbalance in their nature. According to care2, GMO foods may result in a wide variety of health issues, ranging from “intestinal damage, allergies, liver or the pancreatic problems, the testicular cellular changes,the tumors, and even the death in the experimental animals”. Choosing organic food ensures steering clear of a rather dubious experiment.

Including Essential Vitamins and Minerals in the Diet

Since organic produce is produced using organic methods and techniques that do not involve any chemical interference, it contains high levels of essential vitamins and minerals. According to organic trust; “Both US and UK Government statistics indicate that levels of trace elements and minerals in fruit and vegetables fell by up to 76% between 1949 and 1991”. This ensures steady levels of magnesium, potassium, iodine, iron, manganese, zinc and other vital nutrients needed by the body.

Avoiding Pesticides

Even though no food is completely devoid of residues of pesticides, organic foods have been found to be having a much lower percentage of harmful toxins because they are cultivated using natural fertilizers rather than conventional methods. Mayoclinic explains how “organic gardening practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution”. Avoiding the use of pesticides and insecticides reduces risks of multiple cancers and especially health issues in children who tend to gravitate most towards packaged and processed foods.

Avoiding Additives

Non-organic foods are known to contain various dyes, flavorings and above all high levels of sodium and sugar. These additives are anything but natural and may lead to various health issues including allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and heart diseases. In this case, it is highly recommended to purchase products not based on how edible and tempting they appear to be, but what they actually contain and are labeled as.

Going for High Quality

Lastly, purchasing organic produce may seem costly, whereas it, in fact, saves up on all the medical costs that would have to be paid anyway due to carelessness in the diet in the early stages. Apart from the price, the actual taste of organic produce is far superior to the artificially grown and manufactured morsels that we are able to enjoy for a little while, but our bodies never seem to be satisfied by.

In short, it is safe to assume that organic produce gives priority to health over all other factors, which is exactly how it should be. Make sure that organic produce is part of your organic gardening lifestyle.

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