How to Grow Organic Watermelons


It is such a delicious fruit to have in your diet, watermelons are full of nutrients which make your body feel more alive and energized. Watermelons are not a difficult plant to grow this has been just a myth. There are a few conditions that need to be taken care of before planting it and things to watch out for and consider while growing it but this is the same case with any other plant. Organic gardening is not as hard as it seems and it is a relaxing hobby to have, plus it gives you natural and nutritious food.

As far as timing and seasons go, it is good to plant organic watermelons in a season of at least 3 months of warm weather. It is important for watermelons to fully mature. If you live in an area with short summers, don´t worry you can grow watermelons indoor, give your watermelons at least 2-4 weeks before the last day of frost, it will give them an advantage of warm and sunlight outdoors during the day and bring them back indoors at night. On the other hand, if you plant watermelons too early in the season it might cause them to grow tendrils or more than the four needed leaves which cause difficulties when setting roots once they could be transplanted into the garden. If you live in the warmer southern area where the climate is usually warm, plant your watermelon when soil temperatures have reached a stable of 75-80F.

Organic gardening is about right times and temperatures, especially when growing indoor plants. So for watermelons to grow it is necessary to have in between 80- 95 days for watermelons to ripen or longer just observe. Another important element is to have healthy soil, make sure that the soil has excellent drainage and that the soil is well amended with lots of compost. For organic gardening, it is still ok to use fertilizers because there are organic well-balanced fertilizers in the market now.

Give watermelons as much space as possible to grow comfortably. For watering just keep the soil moisturized at all times when the plants are starting to grow, up to when the watermelon reaches the size of a tennis ball; then water the soil only when it gets dry and water the soil even less when you are about to harvest.

Time to harvest! When this time comes make sure that you read the information on the seed package of when the plants ripen and set a reminder for yourself. A sign is when the watermelon looks more dulled and if the ground turned from white to yellow. If you have these signs then place your thumbnail into the watermelon, if your nail cuts in it means that it is not ready but if it is thick enough that it doesn´t cut in then your watermelon is ready. Final tip, from an organic gardener, is to observe closely the tendril on the melon stem when is brown it is time to harvest. Organic gardening as you can see is a great activity to have.

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