Tips to Having the Best Organic Garden Ever


Organic gardening is becoming a trendy thing to do, this is not a superficial hobby to have. It is indeed a healthy and life-preserving action to take and it will keep you and your family eating nutritious and fresh fruits and vegetables which will come straight out of your well-kept organic garden. It is not hard to do organic gardening but there are some special tips that will help you have the best organic garden you could ever have.

You don´t have to be an expert to start organic gardening, just to have the motivation and knowledge of what can grow where you live, follow some good blogs and you are set. Although in the way you might fail with the harvest of some plants but don´t get frustrated remember it takes patience and practice. Anyway, here we have some helpful advice to get you on the road to have a successful organic garden:

Beautiful foliage

Keep the flowers which grow big leaves and have great foliage, pick the ones that will look good for the long run and if possible in all seasons. This will add lots of color and life to your garden.

Add a nice scent

It is also important to awaken the smelling sense and add some nice aroma to your garden. Place a nice jasmine flower which usually lasts for long periods of time.

Healthy Soil

It is a basic thing to have. Make sure to add a couple of inches of compost to your garden during every spring. The best soil to have is with approximately 5 percent of organic matter in your soil, this will be helpful to retain water, improve its texture, and add good drainage as well as micronutrients.

Watch out for weeds

Keep your weed on a low percentage. Prevent them by cutting them early in the season and remove them when the soil isn’t totally dry. Do not let weeds cover all the soil with mulch. It is good to put from 8 to 10 pieces of newspaper for covering the soil and add water too. Then place about four inches of wood chips. The result is that the newspaper and wood chips will decompose into the soil.

Plant your own food

To grow organic vegetables and fruits it is one of the best decisions ever. It is such a pleasant thing to go shopping in your organic garden. Just imagine being able to pick your fresh tomatoes to make lunch or dinner for you and your loved ones. If you don´t have a big garden it is not a problem there are small fruits and veggies that will grow comfortably in small spaces.

Organic gardening is full of amazing possibilities. Remember to have fun and enjoy while you are improving your garden, transmit as much positive energy to your organic garden as possible, this is what organic gardening is about. You can make all of this happen in your own garden, follow these tips and you will be on your way to having the best organic garden ever! Just be constant and patient.

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