How to Upcycle Your Organic Garden

upcycle organic garden

If you are reading this, then organic gardening is important to you. Upcycling an organic garden takes vital time and effort so, this is why it is important for you to enjoy the whole activity. Upcycling your organic garden means that you might have reached a certain level of experience in gardening but if this is not the case it is ok.

It’s not as hard as it seems but organic gardening does require a considerable amount of time, as well as money investment and of course a physical space for the garden to develop. We will bring you the necessary tools to upcycle your organic gardening successfully. There are a few tips which will come in very handy at the moment of practicing the upcycling on your organic garden.

First thing first:

· Clean up your storage space.

· Get rid of all the non-useful items in your closet.

· If you have space in your garage to store things, clean it up.

· Throw all the garbage away, to have space for your tool.

· A storage space is the key to the right management of upcycling your organic garden.

· It will save lots of time to be able to find the right tools when need it.

After you already have the cleaned space for storage there are some tools and materials which will help you a lot in the process. The best thing is to make a list and have everything ready before you start. Here we have made a list for you.

The best items to upcycle you organic garden:

· Mason Jars: This is great for planting fresh basil. Another useful task for this is to use it as a garden bench to hang lanterns.

· Shutters: To make a beautiful canvas for every kind of gardening project you might have. You don´t have to spend much money, you can purchase them at garage sales or flea markets.

· Corks: Recycling objects will look fantastic. Place a stick on each one with the name of the plant and write it on a piece of paper to stick on the corks.

· Recycled art: Any object that can be reused to bring beauty to your garden is a must-have.

Pick a project and work on it:

· Put the shutter with a great layer of wood stain. Let it dry for approximately two hours. Then wipe the excess of stain off.

· Place the materials into your planters and fasten the plants to the panels of the shutters. Secure them with jute fiber.

· Then mount your vertical garden on a wall. Install it in your patio or garden.

Organic gardening and recycled objects go hand-in-hand so feel free to grab any recycled or reusable objects and decorate your patio or garden with them. Research different decorating styles for fresh ideas and then gather all the materials needed to start working on your project. Doing this can truly feel like therapy. It is just one of the many amazing benefits that organic gardening can offer you.

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