How to Build a Window Box for Your Organic Garden


Having decided to build a window box for your organic garden is a good move to having healthy vegetables on your plate. If your windows are positions in the sun all day, it is important to choose the right material for your box. Wood is as organic as you will get, so choosing the correct type of wood is important. It is recommended you ask the experts at your plant store the right kind of wood to use for this project.

1. Preparing the Wood for your Window Box

Measure the window you want to build the window box for. It is recommended the box be high and deep enough to hold enough earth or the size pots you wish to put in the box. After measuring, make templates of the same measurement, as you will need these to make accurate cuts of the wood for assembling. If your wall below the window is not level or smooth and has slots or notches, the templates are indeed needed to ensure you cut the wood precisely for accommodating these notches in the brackets to hold the window box for your organic garden. The wood for the brackets must be at least two inches thick. This is to accommodate the weight of the box as well as the soil you will have in your window box for your organic garden.

2. Making the Window Box

Cut the pieces of wood to the size templates you had made when measuring the window. With a square, mark lines at the edges to get a 45-degree angle so, you can use a sander to bevel the corners. Repeat this action for all pieces of wood and for all corners. After beveling all corners at the 45-degree angle, ensure they corners are smooth.

Cut slots or grooves about an inch from the end of the long piece of board so as to fit the shorter sides securely and also to ensure strength. When cutting these grooves, it is important to know the tool you will be using, if using a radial arm saw, set the blade to cut a groove not too deep as to cut through the wood entirely. This process will take time as you will have to repeat it several times to remove the wood pieces while using a chisel to clean the slats.

3. Assembling your Window Box

To assemble the window box for your organic garden, you need to use a strong wood glue to secure the pieces in place. The glue is to be placed into the groove you have made and using a rubber mallet, gently tap the other end firmly into place. After this is done, you must use screws to add even more security to your box. If you don’t choose to use metal screws you can certainly make your own from pieces of the wood you have left over. Keeping it organic; of course!

Remember the templates you made of the brackets? Well now is a good time to trace the shapes onto the two-inch thick wood and cut the shapes out with a hand saw. Smooth the pieces all around the edges and surface. Now you are ready to erect your window box.

4. Erecting your Window Box for your Organic Garden

Secure the brackets in the window space using a drill to make the holes for the screws. The screws used, I would recommend, metal screws for added sturdiness. Place your box on the brackets and fill your window box with soil and plants; now your organic garden is complete.

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