How to Use Recycling to Make a Cheap Organic Vegetable Garden


Recycling is really finding new ways to use old, discarded or seldom used items around the home or sometimes the dump. Being creative with these items will help you to save money and have the benefits as well. Using recycled items found around the home is a good way to create your organic garden and be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Composting as a way to Recycling

Composting is a great way to have organic fertilizer for your vegetables. You only need to construct an area in your yard for containing all the vegetable matter, like banana peels, orange peels, potato peels etc., and have then rot or breakdown; and you will have this for use as fertilizer for your organic vegetable garden. Locate a space in a corner of the yard that is not widely used. Dig a hole, and line the sides of the hole with the plastic bag or old burlap bag pieces. Then you start throwing your peels into this hole. Cover the hole with the siding of an old wooden crate. The slats will give the vegetable matter space for air to pass through which is good; keep turning the contents so the peels are evenly aired while breaking down. When the peels breakdown, you will have organic fertilizer for your organic vegetable garden.

Creating Space for your Garden

Many people want an organic vegetable garden but have little space for this. So you have made your compost bin and you want to create a vegetable garden; here is an idea. Using wooden pallets, you can pull them apart and reassemble those making seed boxes. Positioning them in a step-like fashion of two to three feet, this will enable the plants to get as much sunlight that is needed to grow; you can have a three rung shelf made from these pallets. Each box is wide enough to accommodate two types of vegetables, so you can make a partition by using cardboard to separate them.

Fill the box with soil mixed with your home-made compost and you are ready to plant your vegetables and watch them grow. Watering is easy, as you only need a watering can which you already have in your home. There is no need to be concerned with a garden hose which is very cumbersome to handle in small spaces.

Another way to make your organic vegetable garden, use old flower pots, bathtubs or wash tubs, and arrange them in a creative way, fill them with soil mixed with your compost and plant away. The joy of having created these unique gardens out of things just lying around the home will give you great satisfaction.

Going “Green” is an innovative way to ensure you and your family eat healthily. Having an organic vegetable garden is indeed the best way to go. Many persons really don’t know how to utilize their old discarded items around the yard in innovative ways. Creating an organic vegetable garden from recycled items is unique, and being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor is an added incentive.

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