Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can Make


Organic gardening is characterized by organic seeds, fertilizers, and all other gardening inputs. It advocates for chemical free gardening. As such, organic farmers discovered different ways of making organic fertilizers at home that offer similar results as synthetic and chemical fertilizers.

Plants need nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to thrive. Nitrogen boost green and leaf growth, phosphorus enhances fruit and flower development while potassium supports general health of the plant. However, plants still need other types of nutrients known as micronutrients like calcium, sulfur, and magnesium. Biodiversity of soil bacteria and soil acidity also determine the health and success of your plants. Organic fertilizers improve soil bacteria diversity and balance the acidity to create the ideal growth conditions.

Organic garden fertilizers you can make at home

Banana peel fertilizer

Banana peels contain high calcium, potassium and phosphorus residues. Also, they are ideal for fruiting and flowering plants. Bury banana peels at the base of the needy plant to create the perfect decomposing condition. Alternatively, freeze overripe bananas and bury them next to plants that need support. You could also make a spray by soaking the peels in water for about three days and use the aftermath to spray seedlings or growing plants.

Epsom salt fertilizer

Epsom salt is rich in sulfur and magnesium that is good at promoting healthy growth of tomatoes and roses. Also, it is ideal for budding seedlings, reducing effects of transplant shock and boosting the dark green plant color. To make fertilizer, add one tablespoon of Epsom salt to one gallon of water. This mixture is used indoors or outdoors.

Eggshell fertilizer

Eggshells are rich in calcium that is ideal for promoting healthy cellular growth for all plants. If you experience blossom end rot especially on tomatoes, your soil may not have enough calcium. In this case, crush used egg shells and buried them. They decompose and produce calcium. Alternatively, you can make a spray that you spray directly to the soil. You will need 20 egg shells and a gallon of water. Boil the shells for a few minutes and allow the mixture to rest overnight. Use the mixture as a spray or pour it directly into the soil.

Coffee grounds fertilizer

Coffee grounds produce an organic fertilizer that provides nitrogen to the weak soil and increases acidity in the soil. Place a good amount of coffee grounds at the base of your plants for useful results. Also, coffee grounds organic fertilizer improves organic matter in your garden soil.

Aquarium water/ fish emulsion fertilizer

Water your plants and garden with aquarium water that you take out when cleaning it. Fish waste makes excellent organic fertilizer. Additionally, fish bones, heads, and guts are a good source of potassium, amino acids, nitrogen and phosphorous. To make emulsion fertilizer, add a piece of fish to two parts of water in an airtight container. Place the container in a sunny area away from your house. Use the emulsion in your garden after two weeks.

Homemade organic fertilizers are the best. You get to supervise the making process and enjoy the site of healthy and fully grown plants. It’s a lifesaver fo any organic garden.

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