9 Easy To Grow Plants For the Fall Organic Gardening Novice


Organic gardening can be a very healthy hobby. Not only will you find yourself enjoying fresh, crisp vegetables and greens, but you will also be helping to maintain nutrient rich soil for next season’s planting. Here are nine vegetables that thrive in cooler temperatures.


Spinach should be planted five weeks before the frost, but it loves cool weather. A well-maintained spinach crop will survive well into the winner. It can be blanched and stored for later use, preferably via canning for best results. There are reasons Popeye loved this healthy green.

Mustard Greens

Mustard Greens should be planted six weeks before the frost and seeds should be kept moist. It only takes 45 days to mature and then you will have an abundance of hearty greens to enjoy during the colder months. They are best stored by lightly blanching and canning.


Radish is hearty and only need four weeks before the first frost to grow. Keep the soil fertile and drained and you will find hearty radishes ready for picking within 45 days.


Lettuce is the perfect fall food when seeds are sewn in the late summer. They need constant moisture and will mature in 2 months or less. For a unique twist, try adding some pumpkin seeds to your lettuce for a unique fall salad.


Cauliflower is a great organic gardening vegetable for the fall. Plant the seeds no more than eight weeks before the first frost for the best results. The soil must be rich, which makes this perfect for the rich soil produced with organic gardening. Lots of water is also a good idea. Tie the leaves over the heads when they are about 2 inches across to prevent bitterness. Roasted cauliflower is a great fall treat.


Broccoli needs to be started about ten weeks before the frost, so it should be planted in July, and add mulch. That helps keep the plant moist and cool. Low nitrogen fertilizers are recommended, but keep it organic. It takes a little over two months for your broccoli to mature, but once it does, it can be frozen for use all winter long.


Cabbage can be a fabulous vegetable for organic gardening in the fall. It should be planted six weeks before the first frost and requires very fertile soil. Cabbages are a hungry plant that needs constant moisture and takes little over two months to mature. It is easily stored when turned into sour kraut or kimchi.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are not a favorite for some, but there are so many great ways to cook them, they should be. They taste best when maturing in cooler temperatures, making them ideal for fall. It takes three months for the plants to form from seeds, so plant in the summer for fall harvest, or use starter plants for the best success.


Kohlrabi is a unique fall vegetable tastes like a turnip but is a member of the cabbage clan. It takes around 40 to 60 days to mature, so planting young plants in the summer is wise. They will mature and be ready to enjoy during the first month or so of fall.

Other vegetables flourish with fall organic gardening, but these nine are ideal for beginners. Each one is hearty and not too difficult to grow in nutrient rich soil. Try and few and enjoy eating fresh, organic vegetables this winter!

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