MCG Biomarkers is Celebrating National Manufacturing Day


Today (October 7th) is National Manufacturing Day. MCG Biomarkers is honored to be part of this great day, it is very meaningful to the world of organic gardening, and we’d like to take a few minutes to inform you of how Manufacturing Day helps with adding or retaining jobs, supply chain and providing a value-added product.

What is National Manufacturing Day?

National Manufacturing Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday in October. On this day, we celebrate those who proudly stand behind our goods and services made in America. Americans continue to create products and unlock new technologies that grow our economy. They create jobs through their entrepreneurship, and our competitiveness is revitalizing American manufacturing. The first National Manufacturing Day was observed in 2011, and a presidential proclamation was signed by Barack Obama in 2014.

National Manufacturing Day and MCG Biomarkers

MCG Biomarkers is continuing to celebrate National Manufacturing Day by adding or retaining jobs, supply chain and providing a value-added product. MCG Biomarkers manufactures value-added products in the form of markers made from recycled plastic with corn cob fiber. These sturdy markers will last many seasons and add immense value to any organic garden.

MCG Biocomposites is committed to being a full-service provider of materials and technical support in providing solutions meeting our customers’ Green Initiatives. Supply chain innovations include MCG Biomarker’s use of weatherproof labels that can be handwritten or laser printed. They are pressure sensitive, so they are easy to remove when they do start to wear out. They remain in place and readable through all kinds of weather, but when it’s time to peel them off, they don’t leave a residue. You just clean off the marker and apply another label.

Today, we ask you to please take a moment to observe National Manufacturing Day. Please visit to show your support. Like us on Facebook here. Learn more about National Manufacturing Day.

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