Growing Herbs in Pots

Organic Gardening

Growing herbs in pots are one of the easiest and most rewarding things you can do in your organic garden. It’s a great feeling when you can walk out to your patio and clip off whatever herbs you need for that night’s meal. From experience, it’s hard to get herbs to grow right in pots the first time, but every time after that it’s incredibly easy. In this post, we want to share some tips that I’ve learned throughout the years for different types of herbs, so you can easily grow them in pots yourself.


Mint grows very fast and therefore, people should consider beginning with this herb. Growing mint in big pots can get out of control, so keep it in control by monitored. Growing mint can bring out the green thumb in virtually anyone. Always be careful where you plant it. It rapidly grows in pots and in organic gardens.


Growing basil in pots is also a great option. Basil that originally was grown in a nursery may be ideal as a starting point. In pots, basil needs some shade as can wilt in direct sunlight. Watering this great herb is vital.


Cilantro is the opposite of basil; it should be planted from seed. Getting cilantro from the nursery is tricky because once it changes the environment and lighting it tends to bolt right away. When grown from seed, and kept in the same area, it will grow for a long time without bolting. If it starts to bolt, clip the flowers, then cut the entire bunch and use it. It should grow right back if it is still the season. Cilantro generally grows best in direct, late afternoon sun.

Sage and rosemary

Growing sage and rosemary is best in a sunny position, especially on a sunny balcony or window spot. Rosemary is great with a lamb dish or on a salad. Sage and rosemary can also go great with chicken dishes. Try some stir fry dishes with both of these herbs. Growing these herbs indoors is great as they also smell nice.

The following are benefits of growing herbs in pots

You control the growing conditions

All plants need three main things to grow successfully; sunlight, soil, and water. Your organic herb garden, both indoor and out, will only flourish if it has enough sunlight; for most of the day.

Pots are a beautiful addition to your organic garden

Use your imagination when choosing containers for your herbs; for instance, tea herbs can be planted in teapots. Clay pots with side pockets are ideal for growing theme herb gardens such as an Italian herb garden

Herbs in pots are easier to prune

You want to use your herbs throughout the growing season to encourage new growth. A container garden in your kitchen makes it incredibly easy to keep an eye on your herbs and prune them back when there is too much growth

Kitchen gardens provide easy access to your herbs while cooking

There is nothing like the flavor and aroma your food will have when you harvest your fresh herbs while the kitchen. Growing herbs in pots also keep your herb garden manageable to prevent too much growth. Herbs are one of the easier plants to grow, and many can quickly grow quite large in a regular garden.

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