Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can Make


One of the keys to a thriving organic garden is healthy soil. By feeding your soil with rich, homemade fertilizers before planting then you will be giving your plants the best opportunity of success, and promote robust, vigorous growth. You will also be avoiding adding potentially hazardous chemicals to your soil, and saving money in the process. Organic garden fertilizer is simple to make and cheaper than commercial, chemical fertilizers as you can make it from waste you produce every day around your home.

Use egg shells

Egg shells are a great addition to any compost as they’re made entirely from calcium carbonate and are easily broken down. Sea shells can find uses in an organic garden. They release trace amounts of limestone and other minerals and make useful tools such in decorative borders or to anchor mulch in place. They can even make organic fertilizer on their own.

Banana skins

These are both abundant and full of potassium which is a great constituent for any organic garden. Moreover, the ripening and the rotting of the banana skin will aid the decomposition of the rest of the heap making it almost a compost accelerator too.

Waste nothing

In the wild, nature wastes nothing and so neither should you. If there’s a chance it would be left on the ground in the wild, then you should add it to your compost.

Compost accelerator

A compost accelerator will assist you to get the most out of your compost much faster by breaking down biological matter faster than the elements would. This can then assist you to generate more organic fertilizer more quickly. Simple compost accelerator can be made from nettles.

Feed at night

A lot of fertilizers, especially those made from compost, really stink. Therefore you would do well to feed your plants at night, or at least at a time when you don’t mean to be sitting in the garden.

Mix with water

Mixing your fertilizer with water to create your liquid fertilizer will ease your plants to absorb the water-soluble minerals through their ways more readily. We would also suggest that you can water the plants at the same time as feeding them to keep things easy.

Use other materials

If you don’t have any compost on hand, or just don’t want to go through the problem of having a compost heap, then you can use many other elements around your house to make fast and simple organic garden fertilizer. Such materials include fish tank water, egg shells, coffee ground, ash, salt and white vinegar.

Have a look at the nature of your plants

When creating organic garden fertilizer, you need to acknowledge the requirements of individual plants. Examine the pH value of your soil and what works best for the plants you are growing and then tailor your fertilizer respectively.

Feed about once a week

Over fertilizing can be the worst thing just as under-fertilizing can be. Just like us plants have their prescribed daily allowance when it comes to minerals and vitamins, so it’s relevant you don’t overfeed them. Using organic garden fertilizer once a week should be fine.

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