8 Hearty Houseplants

8-hearty-houseplantsHouseplant aficionados can attest that they freshen rooms, reduce dust levels, boost humidity and suppress carbon monoxide. Such are the benefits that lure homeowners to grow houseplants. But, you may not always have time to tend to your houseplants yet you want to enjoy their benefits. The truth is, houseplants can improve any indoor organic garden. Plants require certain levels of humidity, light, water and care to thrive. Fortunately, some houseplants will thrive despite being neglected. They include;

Spider plants

Spider plant or chlorophytum comosum is a great houseplant that purifies the air in your interior space. It can thrive in the shade, in bright light, in humid or dry air and without being watered. The only problem this adaptable houseplant presents is browned tips. Its name is derived from its spider-like plantlets that develop on the tips of its stem. The plantlets start out as small whitish flowers that exude natural beauty in your room.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known as a home remedy to many personal health and skin problems. As such, it is common to find it grown in the house. Though it prefers brightness, it can thrive under any amount of light. Additionally, it withstands all sorts of negligence. However, it does best in moist soil; but you do not have to water it daily. Its ability to withstand harsh growth conditions means that it can easily transition to outdoor climate during summer.

Peace lily

The peace lily is among the easy to grow indoor flowering plant. It blooms despite being denied survival essentials like regular watering and adequate light. It can do well in low, moderate or dim lit corners in your house. However, it needs slightly moist soil. But, if you forget to water it for a substantial period and it dries, it can rejuvenate if watered adequately.


Pothos does well under bright to moderate light. However, it tolerates and thrives under a fluorescent light as well. This makes it ideal for home and office space decoration. It is easy to maintain as it does not require too much watering. In fact, too much water can ruin it; allow its soil to dry completely before watering. But, the plant is poisonous to mammals when ingested. Avoid it if you have children and pets.

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen has been termed the most carefree houseplant in regards to lighting. It survives well in low lighting as compared to most indoor plants. Though it appreciates lightly moist soil and mist, it can also thrive under dry winter air.

Jade plant

Jade plant resembles a mini indoor tree; a feature that makes it unique and hence its popularity. It enjoys filtered sunlight daily and a little soil moisture. During winter, the soil should be almost dry before watering.

Ponytail palm

This plant stores water in its bulbous trunk. As such, over watering can damage it especially during winter. Forgetting to water it over a period can do it more good than harm. It requires just a moderate soak mid-winter, and it thrives through the entire season. If it soaks up enough sunlight during summer, it can thrive under very low during winter.

Snake plant

Snake plant is yet another indestructible indoor plant. It requires occasional watering and a good shade to thrive. Its soil does not necessarily have to be moist.

If you are into organic gardening and landscaping, the above houseplants can thrive under your watch. The fact that they can survive neglect means that they can grow perfectly in any soil or weather conditions.

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