Organic Garden Planting Techniques


Organic gardening is a very diverse art. It is popular among so many people sometimes merely for the fact that there are so many different ways to accomplish growing great crops. However, there are techniques that work better than others. 

Best Organic Garden Planting Techniques

Direct Seeding

Direct seeding is an organic gardening method that fertilizes and plants directly into undisturbed soil in one field or two separate fields. Only narrow strips of land are disturbed gardening equipment used to place fertilizer and seed in the soil without tillage.

You should still follow the directions on your seed packet as close as you can. Pay close attention to what depth and distance the seed should be planted in your organic garden. And don’t hesitate to use your fingers to plant the smaller seeds. Using your hands can also help reach the desired seed depth.


Transplanting is fairly straight forward when it comes to organic gardening. Instead of growing plants from seeds, you grow small seedlings, perhaps in a nursery, then you transplant them into your garden. This technique can be very useful in geographical areas that have short growing seasons. Of course, you still want to pay close attention to spacing and depth when planting your seedlings. 

When planting seedlings you generally want to follow these rules:

  • Dig a hole that is at least as deep as the container from the nursery.
  • Remove rocks and other material so roots have room to grow.
  • Make sure the seedlings roots aren’t bunched up in a ball.
  • Place the root base of the seedling even with the ground.
  • Fill the space around the seedling gently. Do not pack in soil tightly.

It’s also important to water your organic garden immediately after these steps. Transplants need water after they are planted. If you are concerned with temperature drops, you may want to consider using a cover for your seedlings.

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