Organic Gardening Guru


The current hype regarding the importance of healthy living and eating has led to an upsurge of organic gardening. Everyone wants their family to consume the best and healthy foods that are free of any harmful chemicals. Also, people have understood the importance of keeping their environment safe from chemical effects. As such, organic gardening is embraced by many with the aim of keeping the environment and their loved ones safe.

The increased need for organic gardening information within different growth regions has molded numerous organic gardening gurus. These are people who understand different growth areas, their soil nutrient levels and what can thrive within a specified region. However, this is not to say that they tell of a region’s gardening history by looking at it; they must study the region to determine the best crops and the soil nutrients that must be added to boost organic soil quality.

The vigorous education about the harmful effects of pesticides and herbicides has enlightened people about the dangers associated with synthetic fertilizers and more so, genetically modified plants. The realization that protecting oneself and family from chemical pollution and consumption has led to an upsurge in organic gardening.

People have resulted to organic gardening as a way of taking control and protecting the people they love. It is a way of ensuring that the food you serve to your loved ones is full of healthy and chemical free nutrients. Moreover, you make the places your children and pets play safe. You do not want them to suffer from chemical poisoning when enjoying their free time. The increased levels of lifestyle diseases and cancers has been associated with the foods people consume such as; processed foods and foods with high chemical levels.

Organic gardening has been believed to be costly and time-consuming as compared to conventional gardening. However, it depends on how you care for your garden and whether or not you are transitioning. It may appear costly when you are weaning the garden from the chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers it was used to. However, in the long run, as the soil quality improves, you get to save more and enjoy healthier and tastier foods. All you need to succeed at organic gardening is dedication in terms of time and investing in the right organic gardening supplies.

If done right, organic gardening gives better harvests as compared to conventional gardening. Also, the peace of mind you get from knowing that you and your family will consume food that is fresh and free of harmful carcinogens, petroleum byproducts, and endocrine disrupters among others is priceless and worth every effort. But, to succeed in organic gardening, you need to start off with native plants. They can adapt to your area’s climate and soil type without the need for much nutrients addition. As such, they can strengthen your soil quality and production levels with time. Native crops are also advisable if you do not have much time to spare for gardening. They require less care and commitment as compared to non-native crops.

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