10 Ways for Growing an Organic Herb Garden on a Budget

Organic Herb GardenOrganic herbs are commonly and preferably used in our homes as part of the organic lifestyle that so many households have adopted. We love them for the sweet taste or aromatic smell to our noses. These herbs though loved when bought some of them are very expensive and hard to find. Some of you have thought about how to grow them, but don’t know how. The next question is; will my budget allow me too?

With the following ten simple steps, you can get started with organic herb gardening at home.

Pick the right herbs

Grow herbs that are useful to you. Is it that sweet aroma from rosemary that you love in your tea? Or that mint in your meals? I know whichever it is you would love to grow it.

Decide how to start: seed or plants

Seeds are best picked for perennial herbs such as basil, fennel, parsley, and cilantro. They easily grow from seed, unlike other plants. On the other hand, it may be less expensive to buy seeds and just go for plants. Garlic is best since it produces other bulbs.

Contact friends with seeds

Contact your friends that have gardens and could have seeds. Rather than buying them you could get them from your friends. Normally a seed packet contains more than enough and by asking you can make good use of them.

Share herb divisions

You can get branches of the herbs you want from your gardener pals. This will help especially for those herbs that kick best from the soil. Thyme, sage, oregano best grow roots from their branches when planted.

You do not need fancy containers

Forget about the expensive containers or clay pots. Simply make use of the containers around your home. Plastic totes also do the trick. Simply ensure whichever container you use can be drilled to allow air and drainage of excess water.

Make sure to choose the right soil.

Don’t go for gardening soil that won’t work for your containers. Find a mixture of soil that works best for the kind of herb you want to grow.

Plant them in a place easy to access

It is easy to forget a small herbal garden as we go through our daily lives. This makes it advisable that you do your organic gardening by your kitchen door or a path that you use when walking outside.

Check on them daily

Daily check up ensures that the herbs do grow as you expect or want them to. Prune the ones that need it. Or maybe remove those that have already flowered. These are good practices of organic gardening that will yield more.

Save seeds for the next season

If you have any extra seeds save them up for the next season that you might need them or you can share them with your gardening friends.

Shop end of the season sales

Shop for the end of season sales, this allows you to buy the herbs you didn’t have in the previous season at a lower cost.

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