Health and Environmental Benefits of Organic Gardening

Health and Environmental Benefits of Organic Gardening (1)The increase of opportunistic diseases and environmental degradation globally has led to a strong and unending campaign on the importance of organic gardening. Organic farming has a lot to offer but among its key benefits are the health and environmental benefits. The chemical sprays used in conventional farming not only destroy farm soil but also the environment and the human body system.

Health benefits of organic farming

Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides have been strongly linked to the rising cases of; breast cancer, birth defects, poor brain functions, infertility, childhood leukemia, Parkinson’s, prostate cancer, autism, miscarriages and depression among other serious health conditions. So, the greatest health benefit of consuming organic foods is eliminating all the chemical related risks of developing the aforementioned conditions. Agriculture having become a multi-billion business has attracted business minded individuals who farm just to make profits without caring about the aftermath of using chemical products to increase their harvests. As such, it is upon you to ensure that you avoid chemically grown foods. Other health benefits of organic farming include;

Exercising: not everybody enjoys the gym. However, we must keep fit to retain health. Gardening is an enjoyable and fruitful way of exercising. Walking around the garden, bending to pluck weeds and carrying compost from one corner to another are all forms of exercise.

Increases vitamin D: vitamin D deficiencies are linked to heart attacks, muscle pain, bone density issues and some types of cancer. You only need 20 minutes under the sun to get the recommended amount of vitamin D. working on your garden during a sunny day offers this benefit.

Solution to high food costs: the campaigns about the benefits of organic foods have increased their demand and subsequently their cost. So, growing your organic foods saves you money.

Alleviates stress: spending time outdoors, exploring nature, enjoying the fresh unpolluted air and the sunshine is therapy enough to alleviate stress.

Environmental benefits of organic farming

To understand the environmental benefits of organic gardening, you must start by understanding the negative impact conventional gardening has on the environment. A wide range of studies about the contents of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides have been conducted. Almost all conclude that that chemical farm products have detrimental impacts on the toxicity levels of groundwater. Additionally, chemical pesticides are non-discriminatory. They not only kill the pests but also beneficial soil bacteria. They affect pollinators and kill bee colonies. Widely used chemical fertilizers are applied directly to the soil. They are responsible for reducing beneficial and natural soil nutrients. As such, you end up having nutrient deficient crops that are also high in chemicals used to make the fertilizers.

Bottom line

The health and environmental benefits of organic gardening are almost self-explanatory. Though big pesticide and fertilizer companies will try to argue differently, the fact that chemical farm products contain harmful mixtures they should be avoided at all costs. A healthy environment translates to a healthier lifestyle, less medical bills and a more productive life. Organic gardening retains nature and boosts stronger immune system.

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