Organic Gardening Benefits

organic-gardening-benefits-with-textGrowing crops organically means making better gardening choices that include avoiding the use of chemical farm products. The chemicals used to make pesticides are not only harmful to the environment but also to humans. Despite being applied days or even months before crops are harvested, farm produce contains traces of pesticides that cause serious health conditions if consumed continuously. Organic gardening encourages the use of naturally occurring fertilizers and pesticides.

Benefits of organic gardening

Since organic gardening eliminates the use of farming chemicals, its produce is high in natural nutrients and vitamins that are essential to fighting diseases and cancer. Research conducted at the University of Washington found out that people who consumed organically grown foods had a six times lower level of pesticides in the body system as compared to people who consumed chemically grown foods. This means that people who consume organically grown foods are six times less prone to opportunistic diseases such as cancer. Moreover, organic farm products taste better because their nutrients and flavors have not been altered by chemicals.

Unlike what most people believe, organic gardening is not expensive. As a matter of fact, organic farm products are cheaper or cost the same as chemical farming products. Organic farming gets cheaper as you learn how to manage your farm with what is available. For instance, you can save on buying organic fertilizers if you learn how to make nutrient rich compost from your kitchen scraps. You can eliminate the use of natural pesticides and herbicides by practicing companion planting, crop rotation, growing native crops and proper planning. Experts recommend attracting beneficial insects that feed on pests to your garden for long-term and natural pest control.

Organic gardening also offers personal benefits such as; relaxation, keeps you busy especially on weekends, and it refreshes the spirit. The smell of wet soil, naturally growing crops and fresh outdoor air is enough therapy to boost your mood and get you relaxed. The work you do in the garden is also a form of exercise that keeps your physically fit and reduces the risk of weight-related conditions like; heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Economically, organic farming saves you money. Despite how small your farming may be, you can grow enough vegetables to last you until the next growth season. The trick is storing them under the right conditions. This, in turn, means that you will not have to buy vegetables at the grocery store as you used to. Moreover, organic foods are quite expensive as compared to conventionally grown foods.

Bottom line

Organic gardening represents food security and healthy living. So, despite the numerous debates that my label organic gardening as expensive and daunting, you should embrace it and learn from experts how to make less demanding and affordable. Moreover, the satisfaction derived from enjoying farm products that you have nurtured to maturity is priceless. Focus on preserving the environment as you care for your health, explore nature and save money that you can use to boost your social status.

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  1. I love organic gardening. Not only is it incredibly healthy for you and the ecosystem, working the soil helps the stress of the day melt away. So relaxing.


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