How to Get Free Seeds

how-to-get-free-seeds-with-textSeeds are not expensive, but they can get expensive when you are buying a wide variety of seeds. If you are budget cautious, you will look for ways to cut cost during planting season. One of the best means of reducing the money you spend on seeds is by getting free seeds. With free seeds, you get to enjoy a variety of organic plants and experiment what different organic seed companies have to offer. You get to know the best seed types in the market and how seeds from different companies grow and react to environmental changes. Here are ways of getting free seeds.

Request seeds from is a website that discusses anything about gardening. From the seeds you need to use where and when to how you should start the seeds for perfect crops. It is a great place for beginners who have no idea where or what to start with especially during winter. Get active on the website and focus on learning how to start your organic seeds outside during winter and they will send you at least six free seed packets that thrive best during the winter season in your region.

Swap seeds online

You may have bought too many seeds of a certain crop type and less of other crops. It happens especially for first-time gardeners who do not know how to buy seeds and which seeds to buy in what quantity. If you find yourself in such a situation, consider swapping seeds online but make sure you are getting organic seeds. A few forums that allow seed swap include but not limited to;, the old farmer’s almanac seed swap, national gardening association seed swap, great American seed swap, and garden web seed exchange.

Sign up for gardening catalogs

Most garden catalog companies offer discounts to first-time customers and first orders beyond a certain purchase price. For instance, some companies offer $25 off for every first order of $25 and above. It is wise to snag a number of such promotional offers with the aim of ordering more seeds at a lower price.

Know local seed exchange centers

Most regional garden clubs host annual seed exchanges. Gardeners get an opportunity to exchange seeds they no longer need or ones they have in excess with other gardeners within their region. The annual exchanges are conducted regionally to ensure that gardeners get seeds that will thrive without pest or environmental challenges. If you are a beginner, find your local garden club and enquire how to join the exchange program.

Host a seed swap party

If you know a good number of organic gardeners within your region, do not be afraid to host a seed swap party in your home. Take the opportunity to initiate a discussion about gardening challenges within your region and how to deal with them organically. It should also be an opportunity to learn and make your gardening experience easier.

Save your seeds

Seed saving allows you to collect seeds from the plants you grow during one planting season so that you can replant them the following season. Conduct due diligence about how to collect and save different crop seeds.

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