Tools Every Gardener Should Own

garden-tools-every-gardener-needs-1Gardening is one of the best and healthiest outdoor activities. You enjoy fresh air and vitamin D from the sun as you cultivate to enjoy fresh and sweet organic produce later. But, the rewarding activity can be tedious, stressing and compromising health wise if you lack the right gardening tools. You need the right gardening tools to prevent strained muscles, backs, and scratched hands among other conditions. To help avoid such avoidable health problems, here is a breakdown of the gardening tools you need.

Hand Rake

A hand rake is used to remove debris, garden trash and leaves around your garden without damaging crop roots or crowns. Experts recommend having a brightly colored rake that you can keep in sight when working to avoid digging off crops.


The uses of a wheelbarrow in any garden are numerous. It can be used to carry compost as you distribute it in the garden or to carry your harvest from the garden to their storage area among other things. You should focus on investing in a good and strong wheelbarrow that will serve you for years.

Digging Spade

Every garden needs a decent and strong digging spade. Gardening experts recommend using the stainless steel spades because they do not rust easily and soil does not stick to them as much as it does regular spades. They are also smooth and strong making it easy to dig.

Garden Trowel

Garden trowels and hand forks are regularly used gardening tools. So, they must be comfortable to use. They should have well-fitted wooden handles with well-attached blades that are hard to come off. Also, the blade should be stainless steel.

Fork Hoe

Fork hoes are the corner stone of every garden. They are used to dig, cultivate and sometimes harvest. So, you cannot think of gardening and fail to think of buying a fork hoe. Their digging blades and wooden handles are usually set at the right angle to make digging easier and offer better leverage. So, you break up soil faster and with less effort.

Heavy duty hoe

Heavy duty hoes are used to break new grounds due to their blade size and type. The only difference between a heavy duty hoe and a fork hoe is the blade types.

Golden Gark

This is a multi-purpose gardening and maintenance tool that is also classified as a rake, soil sifts and shovel. It is lightweight but strong enough to clear up weeds and fallen leaves among other garden wastes.


Scissors are used to harvest soft stemmed plants like herbs, kales, and spinach or to remove dead-heads.

Hand pruner

Hand pruners are used to prune branches that are less than 1 inch thick, cutting flowers, slicing or scoring root balls before planting and cutting perennials back clumps.

Long handled pruner

It is used to cut branches that are thicker than 2 inches. It is a lightweight tool that adjusts easily to offer greater reach when pruning.


Picking the right gardening tools not only saves you time but also money and a myriad of wear and tear on your body. Even the slightest strain when gardening can be detrimental to your health and muscles. Above are just some highlights of the common starter gardening tools that every garden should have. However, you may need more and specific gardening tools depending on the type of organic gardening you venture into.

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