Why You Should Use Garden Markers

why-you-should-use-garden-markers-1 (1)Though most first time gardeners underestimate garden markers, they are as important as the crops. Most gardeners believe that they are sharp enough to remember what they planted where. However, this may not always be the case especially if you have a small gardening space and you have to squeeze in a number of crops. In such a scenario you have to use quality and visible garden markers otherwise, you will regret not marking your plants.

Most seed companies understand the need for garden markers and add them free to plant purchases. However, the free plant tags are designed for temporary use in the nursery. Meaning that they should be replaced with stronger and quality markers when the plants are moved from the nursery. The plant tags are weak, cannot withstand harsh winter conditions or stay in the ground for long. They can be easily uprooted by the wind, power blowers or rakes. 

Why do you need quality and durable garden markers?

Better care for your crops

Markers draw boundaries so that you know where every plant type starts and ends especially if you have limited gardening space and you have to squeeze your crops. This way, you get to take care of your crops better. Every crop type thrives under different care regimens. As such, knowing which plant is planted where ensures that you follow the right maintenance procedure. For instance crop A may require regular watering while crop B may require watering once a week. 

Depict organization

Most people do not realize that organization does not only apply in the house; your garden must be organized too. An organized garden creates order, leaves enough space to walk around and inspect all your plants and above all, it portrays professionalism. Garden organization is of particular importance to gardeners who offer garden tours or educational visits. With the help of garden markers, explaining becomes much easier. 

Plan your garden

High-quality garden markers that are well designed and labeled using a long lasting marking technology are handy when planning your garden. Such markers rarely give in to harsh weather conditions like wind, storms, and sunlight. When exposed to too much direct sunlight, the markings may fade slightly, but they will still be readable. So, it is advisable to leave the markers intact after a growth season ends. The markers will guide you on what to plant where if you practice crop rotation. You easily identify the crops you planted in different locations and alternate them. However, remember to alternate the markers as well. 


Since garden markers were designed to boost gardening organization, the most valuable information on a marker is the crop name. However, as new gardening techniques emerge, gardeners have started including other important information such as; crop specific care requirements, when the crops were planted and whether they are poisonous to humans and pets. All this information is essential in one way or another especially when you are away yet your garden must be worked on. They eliminate the guess work.

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