Six Winter Gardening Activities 

6-winter-gardening-activities-1As we head into the colder months, and no doubt you’ve closed your garden for the summer, now is an ideal time to start making plans for spring. To help you get started on important tasks and keep your green thumb going throughout the winter, here are some helpful pointers:

1) Get writing

Stay organized by keeping a written record of what you planted this past year. Think about what flourished and what didn’t do so well. Doing this will help you determine what to do for spring. Next, start writing out your thoughts for spring.

Collect ideas from gardening books, catalogs, magazines, and Pinterest. Look at anything that can be a source of inspiration. Diagram your upcoming garden so you can use it as a guide when you go to collect seeds at your local garden center or farmer’s market.

2) Talk to other experienced gardeners

You’ll have more time to speak with landscapers and gardening experts during the winter, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation. Ask these professionals for advice, tips, and any questions you may have about your upcoming garden. Second opinions are always useful!

3) Browse seed catalogs

If you’re looking to try your hand at exotic plants, be sure to dive into seed catalogs. Order your seeds early so you don’t miss out on the right planting time. You never know when things will be out of stock and most of the time you can get an early bird discount. Seed catalogs are also great for discovering new varieties.

4) Take care of indoor plants

Just because your outdoor garden is out of commission that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your green thumb. Indoor plants need special attention during the winter months, so look after them.

Plants that need natural light: keep them near windows but move them away on very cold nights.
Maintain an ideal humidity level by placing a glass of water near plants.
If you’re starting seeds indoors, be wary of the last frost before starting.

5) Manage your soil

Any gardener will tell you that the key to healthy plants is maintaining a good pH level. Certain plants won’t flourish if the nutrients are off, so start gathering and using test kits from your local nursery.

6) Prep your tools

When it comes to gardening, there’s no such thing as getting started too early. The cooler months are ideal for cleaning your gardening tools and taking an inventory of anything that’s in poor condition.

  • Replace anything that needs replacing
  • Keep tools safe from the elements
  • Service your lawn mower
  • Sharpen shears
  • Clean trowels


There are several ways you can get started on next spring’s garden during the winter months. Keep a record of the plants you know you want to plant again and start researching new ones. For anything that’s new to you, or for ideas on how to improve your garden, speak to the experts at your local garden center. Explore seed catalogs to learn about new varieties that sound exciting. In the meantime, you can take care of your indoor plants that are still flourishing. This will help maintain your green thumb and keep you from getting the winter blues. Then, be sure to prep your soil and tools so you’re ready to get out there once it’s warm again.

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