Why You Should Use Garden Markers

Why You Should Use Garden Markers 1.jpgThere’s an easy way to clear up any possible confusion in the garden and it starts with placing markers by all of your plants. Even if you’ve been gardening for years, you could still get confused about where you placed the thyme this year or which genus you planted. This is nothing to be ashamed of, however, because most organic gardeners face the same problems. Expert gardeners have a difficult time keeping all of the details straight so don’t pressure yourself to have it all memorized.

One of the best ways to stay organized is to use garden markers. Markers help gardeners of all abilities avoid mishaps during the planting and harvesting seasons for several reasons, which we’ll discuss today.

If you haven’t considered placing markers in your organic garden, here are the top reasons we recommend them.

1. Markers are professional-looking

Garden markers will easily take your garden from regular to professional. Even if no one else sees your garden, being organized with labels will give you a boost in morale. You love being in your garden and working with your soil and plants, but you’d be surprised just how quickly something as simple as markers will improve your garden overall.

2. Display relevant information

Adding labels to your garden will give it a personalized touch, especially if you have fun creating them, but they also help you keep track of relevant information. Consider writing the scientific name of the plant, its genus, species, and watering techniques, especially if you’re growing it for the first time.

3. Add in some fun

Who said the markers you use in your garden have to be boring? Add some style and extra color to your garden by creating customized markers that you like. If you’re not super crafty, head to your local garden center and pick some up off the shelf but also consider picking up some wooden placards and craft paint.


4. Use Premium Markers

A lot of gardeners use BioComposite markers keeping their garden natural and sharp looking. They offer a clean look, come in multiple colors and sizes, plus their durability, make them superior choices to last from year to year. Plant markers can be an integral part of keeping your garden going strong year after year, and your landscaping looking professional. Plus you always know what you have planted and coming up in that spot.

5. Why use MCG BioMarkers

The weatherproof labels can be handwritten or laser printed and are pressure sensitive, so they are easy to remove when they do start to wear out. They remain in place and readable through all kinds of weather, but when it’s time to peel them off, they don’t leave a residue. You just clean off the marker and apply another label. The markers come in three sizes, 9.25″ long, 1.875″ x 2.875″ with a straight marker area and flat marking surface, 13″ long, 2.5″ x 4.0″ with an angled marker area and flat marking surface and our new 24″ markers also with a 30-degree angled marking surface measuring 5″ x 4″.

Order Your BioMarkers directly from us today! 


Adding garden markers to your organic garden is a great way to stay organized and keep track of which produce is where. Your labels don’t have to be boring, in fact, they can let your personality shine through. Labels can also help you remember important care information for plants you’re not familiar with yet.

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