4 Ways to Effectively Use Markers in Your Vegetable Garden

4 Ways to Effectively Use Markers in Your Vegetable Garden.jpgTaking care of your plants throughout the gardening season is all about knowing the varieties you’re working with. Experienced organic gardeners know many plants like the back of their hands but if you’re a newbie, or you’re working with a specific variety for the first time, it’s important to keep track of what that plant needs.

Garden markers are one of the most important tools for your organic garden because they remind you of what you planted and where. You may decide to label plants individually or by rows. Either way, there are several ways you can use garden labels effectively. If you’re labeling individual plants or using garden row markers, there are several ways you can use garden labels.

1. Cover your bases

The amount of information you have on your labels is up to you, but if you’re growing something new the more information you include, the better off you’ll be. We suggest putting the following information on your labels:

  • Plant name
  • Variety name
  • Date planted
  • Number planted
  • Watering instructions

2. Choose a quality marker

If you’ve used garden markers that didn’t impress you in the past, it’s time to use something better. Have you considered using a marker made out of recycled material? The original MCG BioMarker plant marker was produced as an experiment in late 2009. It was the first to be formulated with BioComposites material, which was a combination of corn cobs and recycled high-density polyethylene.

The original markers were created to demonstrated to potential customers that the material is capable of processing by injection molding. We’re particularly proud of our markers because they’re excellent substitutes for petroleum-based virgin plastics.

3. Use something weatherproof

MCG markers are weatherproof and the labels for them can can be handwritten or laser printed. Because our markers are pressure sensitive, they’re easy to remove when they do finally start to wear out, so you don’t have to struggle to get them out of the ground.

Our markers remain in place and can be read in all types of weather, which is critical for Iowans. When you’re ready to peel the labels off, they don’t leave a residue behind, which means you can easily use them during the next season. Simply clean off the marker and apply a fresh label!

4. Incorporate your style

Who said garden labels have to be boring? Your main focus is to take care of your plants but how cute will some personalized markers look while you’re tending to your lettuce and tomatoes? MCG plant markers come in four different colors: terracotta, black, white stone, and dark green, which means you can pick your favorite!

The markers come in three sizes:

  • 9.25” long, 1.875” x 2.875” with a straight marker area and a flat marking surface
  • 13” long, 2.5” x 4.0” with an angled marker area and a flat marking surface
  • 24” with a 30-degree angled marking surface measuring 5” x 4”

MCG BioMarkers produces high-quality garden markers made from biocomposite materials. We enjoy creating garden markers that can be personalized, stand up to harsh Iowa seasons, and are easy to work with. Should you have any questions about our garden markers, please contact our team today.

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