DIY Organic Backyard Greenhouses: Start Yours Today

Organic backyard greenhouses are beneficial for many reasons. It helps you control the lighting, temperature, and moisture level of your plants. Most importantly, it delivers you fresh produce that is absolutely free from those unwanted pesticides.


Perhaps you’ve always wanted one but feel like you don’t have space. You are very lucky because you don’t exactly need a huge backyard just to have one.


This article shows how you can have your own greenhouse, together with the materials needed to make it on your own.


Let’s begin!


Create Your DIY Organic Backyard Greenhouse


1.Choose the site


Selecting the right spot for your organinc backyard greenhouse is important and there are some considerations to keep in mind when making the selection. Your greenhouse should be placed in the best section of your yard. The recommended orientation is north to south so one side receives sun in the morning and the other receives afternoon sun.


2.Prep your site


Greenhouses are effective when they’re on a level area that’s well-drained. Do you already have a level area in your yard? Start building a box frame with metal garden edging or timber. Then fill it with your favorite organic landscaping fabric and place a layer of gravel on top.


Is your greenhouse in the middle of a slope? Create a sleeper floor using treated pine. Let it settle for two weeks before you add the greenhouse. This will give the timber time to dry.


3.Create a base


Timber is the most effective wood to use when creating the base for your greenhouse. Once you’ve chosen some pieces at your local lumber yard, assemble it using measurements that suit the location for your greenhouse. You can make sure it’s level by measuring the diagonals of the base. Once your base is done, you’ll need to dig shallow trenches where the bearers will be. This will allow your greenhouse to settle into the ground.


4.Add a work-space


One of the best things about creating your own greenhouse is the fact that you can have your own work-space in it! This will give you and ideal location to put seedlings, make cuttings, and fill out your biomarker labels.


Consider adding a bench with a shelf to store your tools, equipment, potting mix, and hand trowel. You can also add shelves ideal for holding pots, seedling trays, seed packets, and more.


5.Assemble the greenhouse


While you can create a greenhouse out of plastic, we suggest using polycarbonate roof panels. Don’t forget to factor in a door, roof window, and airflow vent into your design to keep it warmer.


Organizing Your Greenhouse


Smaller DIY greenhouses are perfect for keeping your seedlings warm before their put into the ground. Tend to your organic veggies here before they’re ever added to your garden.


Because organization is key, we recommend using your MCG BioMarkers® to properly label your plants. Fill out their species name, watering instructions, sunlight needs, and ideal pH level so every detail you need is right there.


Your MCG BioMarkers® will help you stay organized and help your plants stay healthy. You can even choose between three different sizes and four different colors. So what are you waiting for?

Order yours, today.

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