7 Kid-Friendly Garden Tips

Who doesn’t want to create a garden where your children can explore, imagine, and see the fruits of their labor come to pass? By following these 7 tips you can build a garden that teaches your little ones the beauty of growing plants from seed and instills a deep love for the outdoors.


1.Encourage exploration


It’s tempting to think that you need a wide open space to create a beautiful garden, but in reality, you can build an enticing garden even in a narrow side yard. One trick to creating your secret garden is to include hidden nooks and crannies. A long, curvy pathway adds an element of whimsy and allows for vegetables to be tucked away into a curve.


2.Create movement


Kids are fidgety and the idea of a swing or hammock in their own backyard appeals to most of them. Your kids will enjoy the chance to swing while you can relax in the hammock.


3.Let your kids start the seeds


For a child, the act of placing a seed into the ground is awe-inspiring. Letting them start the seeds will teach them the value of watching the plants grow into full-scale blooms that need to pruning. Let your kids fill the seed trays with soil, place the seeds with a small stick or their fingers, and gently cover them up with the soil.


4.Let your kids make the plant labels


Kids love arts and crafts. What better way to get them involved with your garden than to have them create the plant labels? As an organic gardener, a good plant marker choice is the MCG biomarker. MCG biomarkers are made of organic material and biocomposite that’s produced right here in Iowa. They’re eco-friendly and last for many growing seasons.


Once your MCG biomarkers arrive, have your little one write the information by hand for you or you can type it up on the computer and print it off. Your kids can even choose which color or color combination they’d like to use in the garden.


5.Involve your child in the design


If you’re creating a brand new organic vegetable garden, let your kids help you with the brainstorming. Do they want to include some play areas? Should there be a sand pit at the bottom? The result of putting your heads together will make it fun and exciting for everyone.


6.Build a fort


Everyone loves to build blanket forts, why not create a space that makes your kids and your inner child happy? A bean tepee is a simple idea that supports beans as they grow and gives your kids a space to camp out while they play.


7.Create a hideaway

Kids love to explore hidden passageways and tunnels and while you might not have the space or means to create those, you can create a little hideaway that’s perfect for them. Use willow branches to build a leafy space in the backyard where your kiddos can hide out.




Organic gardening is so much more fun when you have everything in one space. Your kids will enjoy spending time in a garden that makes them feel welcome and teaches them the value of gardening.

Don’t forget to purchase your eco-friendly MCG biomarkers! Made out of biocomposite and materials found right here in Iowa, MCG biomarkers will help you quickly reference the information you need while teaching your children the perks of growing fruits and vegetables.

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