5 Benefits of Using Worm Castings on Crops

Are you struggling with weak plants?

Confused on how to condition your soil?

Is this your first time to work with new soil?

Do you have a new plant variety that you’re working with?


Don’t stress!


As a gardener ourselves, we know how important it is to support plants throughout the growing process. We also understand how confusing it can be at times. Thus, we are introducing you to the world of earthworm castings.


Read on and take a closer look on the many benefits this will bring to your garden.


1.They’re cost-effective


Earthworm castings are potent because they’re rich in so many minerals and nutrients. Castings will help adjust the pH level of your soil and a little bit goes a long way.


They also have natural pest-resistance properties so you don’t have to invest in pesticides. This helps you save some money in the process.


2.There’s no odor


Worm castings are unlike other fertilizers because they have no smell. In fact, every time you open the bag it will smell like rich earth.


Why is there no odor?


During the digestion process, the castings are neutralized. This means you’re not subject to the strong smell that comes with fertilizers made from animal manure.


3.Create fertile soil


Are you working in a new yard this growing season? Yep, we’re talking to you.


If you’ve chosen to go organic then you probably know that many of us don’t have fertile soil.


The overuse of chemical-based fertilizers has killed off the good bacteria in soil throughout the state, so us gardeners have to work a little harder.


One of the biggest benefits of using worm castings in your garden is that they have about 5 million beneficial microbes per gram. According to Purdue University, earthworm castings leave soil 5-11% richer in plant-available nutrients.


4.Save on water


Aside from saving money on other organic fertilizers, worm castings will also help you save on your water bill. This is because they enhance the soil’s ability to retain moisture.


Several farms throughout the country have cut their water consumption by 50% using worm castings, so imagine what it can do for your garden!


5.Boost plant yields


If you have a big family to feed or one that loves eating fresh fruits and veggies, then you know how important it is to get the best bang for your buck. Worm castings will help your vegetables grow strong and fight off disease. As you continue to prune and harvest, they’ll continue to grow.


Enjoy growing enough tomatoes, peppers, and onions to make several batches of salsa to give to your friends, family, and coworkers. You can also grow enough to sell at the local farmer’s market, which will earn you a little extra cash!




If you’re new to worm castings, don’t hesitate to give them a try. They can’t burn your vegetables like other fertilizers and they’re completely natural. Add them to your garden soil and your potted plants to help your plants grow tall and strong.


At MCG Biomarkers, we offer earthworm castings in individual bags, pallets, cubic yards, and bulk. Place your order today!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Martin says:

    Mike Martin here from the Monarch Research Project.
    Oleander Aphids are a MAJOR problem growing milkweed. Do you know if the Worm Castings have any effect with reducing or eliminating such concerns?


    1. MarthaKrejci says:

      We, Central Iowa Organic Fertilizer, have had quite a bit of feed back information on pests and Earthworm Castings. We have read a lot on the same subject. It should be noted that we do not have hard science on this topic and are relaying what our customers have told us and what other users of Earthworm Castings have written on this topic.
      There seems to be substantial success in pest control by making and using “Castings Tea”. The instructions for making Castings Tea are on our bags and website: http://www.centraliowaorganicfertilizer.com.
      After making the Castings Tea, thoroughly spray your plants. The nutrients from the Tea will be taken in by the leaves and from the ground where the Tea drips off the plants so the plant is being fed from two places at once. The Tea seems to also act as a natural insect repellent.
      One customer told us that he sprayed his crops with the Tea and the farmer just across the road did not. Japanese Beatles destroyed the other farmer’s crops, but the crops using the Castings Tea were untouched.
      The Castings Tea is beneficial as a feeding and fertilizing method and is reported to be a successful insect repellent. The key in the repellent seems to be the application of the Castings Tea. Our castings are OMRI Organic Listed, have no chemicals, and are safe for people and pets.
      Thanks for your interest in Central Iowa Organic Earthworm Castings.


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