4 Amazing Urban Gardens

With all the hustle and bustle we experience in our daily lives, sometimes we need a reminder to stop and smell the roses. Literally.


In every concrete jungle, there needs to be a lush green space where we can enjoy mother nature at her finest.


Whether it’s along scenic walkways, in a park, or atop a train station, urban gardens can be exquisite.


Many cities around the globe are embracing the idea of creating hidden urban gardens. Psychologically and physically speaking, we know that plants are good for us, so it makes sense to place them throughout large cities.


Here are four hidden gardens you’ll find throughout the globe:


1.London’s St. Dunstan-in-the-East


The 10th-century church was pulverized during the Blitz and later revived as a public garden. When you sit in this peaceful place, you’ll discover that you feel further from the city than you really are. In fact, it’s hard to believe that you’re just minutes away from the heart of London’s center and financial buildings including the Gherkin.

Treat yourself to a quiet meditation in this urban garden when you find yourself in London!


2.New York’s High Line


Fewer places represent the notion of urban regeneration than New York’s High Line. This set of derelict train tracks was turned into an urban garden that became a trendsetter. Now, other locations are following suit including Philadelphia’s Rail Park.


3.Parco Savello in Rome


Rome is home to many beautiful locations and landmarks, but few tourist spots live up to Parco Savello (also referred to as the Orange Garden).

This beautiful urban garden is the perfect place to take a break from the bustling streets of Rome to enjoy the blossoming citrus trees and view of the Tiber River.


4.Wendy’s Secret Garden


Humans are wired to appreciate and respond positively to nature. In 1992, Wendy Whiteley lost her husband Brett. In an effort to gain some control over her life, she started cleaning up the overgrown rubbish on her land. What began as an effort to process her grief turned into a lush, blossoming garden.

As a result, the Wendy’s Secret Garden now offers therapeutic benefits to many people.


The Power of Urban Gardens


One of the best things about urban gardens is the fact that they offer an escape from the city smells. In Cedar Rapids, we know how important it is to have a break from the funky smells that emit from the downtown area. With an urban garden, you can enjoy the smell of nature as opposed to emissions and waste.

Urban gardens are also enjoyable because they offer comforting sounds such as bees buzzing and flowers gently rustling in the breeze.


Taking Care of Urban Gardens


Cities that implement urban gardens can take care of them organically, which is highly beneficial for everyone.

Using organic plant markers to label each flower and plant and fertilizing them with natural products such as worm castings will create a beautiful, natural garden everyone can enjoy!

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