6 Reasons to Visit the Greater Des Moines Botanical Center

Are you looking for an activity the whole family can participate in? School may be back in session but that doesn’t mean your kids won’t be bored when the weekend rolls around. Encourage them to disconnect from their devices long enough to visit one of the coolest botanical centers in the state of Iowa.


Let’s look at 6 reasons why you should visit the Greater Des Moines Botanical Center:


1.They have a bonsai collection


It’s not every day that you receive affordable access to a unique bonsai collection. The Lady Bonsai Collection is a historically important collection that was donated to the Botanical Garden in 1979.


Originally owned by Ruth Ladany who started the collection to honor her late husband Jules, the collection is displayed in a gallery on the Katherine C. Meredith Courtyard Terrace. It features the oldest Ginkgo biloba tree that has been in training as a bonsai tree since 1865.


2.Draw inspiration


When we spend time with nature, we’re more likely to find inspiration. Botanical gardens are a way for us to develop an appreciation for plants, how they support the Earth’s ecosystem, and how they impact our quality of life.


One-way botanical gardens instill an appreciation for nature in us is to offer educational programs and workshops for people of all ages.


At the Des Moines Botanical Center, you’ll discover programs appropriate for youth and families, all of which are designed to engage multiple generations.


3.Opportunity to host events


Because the Des Moines Botanical Center is situated along the Principal Riverwalk, it is a truly beautiful place to gather with family and friends.


The Botanical Center is available for any of the following events:


  • Marriage ceremonies
  • Receptions
  • Celebrations
  • Corporate parties


4.Affordable admission


Apart from major holidays, the Des Moines Botanical Garden Center is open year-round and the best part is that it’s affordable! The botanical gardens are open to the public, so don’t hesitate to bring the kids to enjoy the plant collections, community days, the shop, and the Trellis Cafe.


5.Chance to support plant conservation


In addition to being a beautiful space where you can relax, the Greater Des Moines Botanical Center is a conservatory.


It is estimated that there are about 391,000 species of plants in the world and that 21% of them are at risk of being or already are extinct.


When you visit the Botanical Gardens in Des Moines, you’re helping to support the conservation work being done there.


Stop by to enjoy plantings that hail from the tropics as well as those from the arid desert.


6.They support organic efforts


As if you didn’t have enough reasons to hop in the car and make a road trip to Des Moines, you’ll be happy to know that the Botanical Center supports organic efforts.


The staff members of the Greater Des Moines Botanical Center incorporate MCG biomarkers to label their plants. The plant markers made with a proprietary blend of recyced plastics and corn cob fiber, a sustainable and renewable resource known as “biomass”, are easy to use and last through many growing seasons!

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