7 Things You Should Know About Noelridge Municipal Gardens

If you’ve never been to Noelridge Municipal Gardens in Cedar Rapids you’re really missing out. This beautiful community garden is more than a spot for gorgeous senior and wedding pictures – it’s a haven for tropical plants, aspiring gardeners, and families alike.


Here are 7 things you need to know about Noelridge Municipal Gardens:


1.They’re open 5 days a week


Noelridge Municipal Gardens produces a large variety of annuals and perennials you can enjoy. You can even bring the family any weekday! Stop by the greenhouse Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm to enjoy the beautiful flowers and greenhouses at this lovely community garden, which isn’t far from the Hiawatha Farmers’ Market.


2.It’s a relaxing environment


Studies have shown that spending time in nature stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. Whenever we spend time in a dynamic nature scene, our brain’s mu (opioid) receptors are triggered.


On the other hand, when we’re in high-stress environments such as busy streets and hostile areas, our brain produces more cortisol which interrupts learning and memory, weakens the immune system and bone density, increases weight gain and elevates blood pressure. Take the time to stop and smell the roses at this lovely community spot.


3.Greenhouse tours


How would you like to have your own private greenhouse tour? If you call the Noelridge Municipal Garden staff ahead of time at 319-286-5762, you can schedule a tour Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. And do you want to know the best part? Tours are now free!


4.The gardens are open on certain holidays


You can visit the Noelridge Greenhouse on any weekday, but you can also come to scheduled special events such as:


  • Annual Easter Showcase (Saturday and Easter Sunday)
  • Annual Mother’s Day Showcase (Mother’s Day Sunday)


5.They have tropical plants


Who doesn’t want a little taste of paradise in the middle of an Iowa December? Grab the kids and hop in the car to visit the permanent display of large tropical plants housed in the Noelridge greenhouse.


6.They are environmentally conscious


The staff at Noelridge Municipal Gardens cares about more than growing plants and flowers – they also care about the environment.


For several years, Noelridge Gardens has utilized MCG BioMarkers® to identify mark  all their plants. These plant markers are made from DuraMaze™ a proprietary blend of corn cob by-products, Biomass, which is a sustainable and renewable resource and recycled plastics. By using MCG biomarkers in the greenhouse and garden, Noelridge helps lower the carbon footprint with these post industrial recycled plastic markers.


7.You can volunteer


Community gardens have the ability to bring people together. There’s hardly a more beautiful way to give back to the Cedar Rapids community than by volunteering with the Friends of Noelridge.


The Friends of Noelridge is a group of volunteers from Cedar Rapids who help the greenhouse staff. Volunteers help with any of the following tasks:


  • Nurture the 60,000 plants in all the Cedar Rapids public spaces
  • Lead educational events in the park and greenhouse
  • Lead tours for community organizations and school groups
  • Assist the public during open house events
  • Help maintain and improve the garden


MCG biomarkers are a fantastic addition to any residential or community garden. They’re better for the environment, easier to work with, and come in four different colors so your garden can reflect your style. Place your online order today.

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