MCG BioMarkers® Goes International!

When our team at MCG Biomarkers first started creating our trademark plant markers back in 2009, we had no clue how popular they would become.


The original plant marker was produced as an experiment. We wanted to use our first formulated BioComposites material, which was corn cobs and recycled high-density polyethylene in a product, but we wanted to do something different.


We wanted to demonstrate to potential customers that the BioComposites material was capable of injection molding, which sounds dull but it’s quite exciting!


With some hard work, and the will to keep experimenting, we found an alternative to petroleum-based virgin plastics.




What You Need to Know about Biomass


When we set out to make our plant markers, we wanted to create something that is truly beneficial for the environment. The very thought of creating something that would sit in a landfill not breaking down for centuries made us uneasy.


Instead, we chose a biological material made from living, or recently living organisms – biomass.


Typically, the term “biomass” is used to refer to plant-based materials, but it can also be used to describe items made from both animal and vegetable derived materials.


What it boils down to is this: biomass is a sustainable and renewable resource. When you use MCG BioMarkers® in your garden, you’re using a product that’s made from agriculture waste by-products and reclaimed plastics.


Not only does this lower your carbon footprint, but it also makes your garden a cleaner space for your plants.


Introducing Our Labels to the Market


Once we introduced our eco-friendly plant markers to the local community, they became a big hit! In fact, some of the places you’ll find our plant markers are:


  • The Greater Des Moines Botanical Center
  • Noelridge Municipal Gardens in Cedar Rapids, IA
  • In private gardens
  • Master Gardeners


And it wasn’t long before our plant markers went international!


What Some of Our Customers Are Saying


“We really enjoy working with MCG BioComposites because it gives us a chance to support an in-state company and utilize a recyclable product made from sustainable materials. These markers find a variety of uses in our institution, particularly for seasonal displays and are a cost-effective way of connecting information about plants to a visitor’s experience.”


– Kelly Norris, Greater Des Moines Botanical Center


“Yes, the stakes were exactly what I needed. I have used them on several different occasions and I am really happy with the purchase.”


– Gloria, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


(Gloria purchased the 24” angled black markers BM2430BLK.)


“When I made the decision to label the plants in my garden, I went on a search for quality markers. I didn’t really like what I found anywhere in Cedar Rapids; most being imported. And then one day, purely by accident, I took my sister to a nursery I had almost forgotten about. Without naming names, Cedar River Garden Center, was the only place in the Cedar Rapids area carrying this product. They had in stock … Bio-Markers, made from recycled plastic with corn cob fiber. This is an excellent product, thought of by a gentleman right here in Cedar Rapids; MCG BioComposites, LLC, is the company behind this quality, recycled product.


Where is everyone else? Why is CRGC the only gardening center in Cedar Rapids to try this? This time I will not name names, because you know who you are. All it takes is a brief comparison, and anyone with any common sense, will quickly see the best product. So why no luck with all these other gardening centers? Can you say imported from China …? I only use them because they seem to be the fave choice these days.


American retail companies put cost before quality. And the sad thing is, these markers will sell themselves. Why? Because it IS a quality product, and this one has a home right here in Cedar Rapids. So, I would challenge all the gardening centers in the Cedar Rapids area to WAKE UP and take the time to do a comparison. There are still some of us out here that believe in quality products. Thank you, MCG BioMarkers!”


– Paul F., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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