Five Garden Clothes to Wear this Fall

Autumn in Iowa can range from cold and rainy to downright chilly or warm and humid, which makes working in your fall garden somewhat tricky. If you’re still preparing for the fall weather rollercoaster and trying to decide what you really need for your gardening, we’ve got your back.


It’s important to have the right gardening gear throughout the year so you can protect yourself from the elements and get the work done. You’ll be unable to tend to your plants if you’re constantly fussing with your clothes, adjusting your boots, or running back into the house.


We’ve put together a list of five garden clothing items you need to make tending to your fall garden easy!


  1. A Protective Hat


No doubt you have your favorite outfits for special occasions. Gardening is no exception! Putting together the perfect ensemble for the garden is necessary, even in the fall. Though autumn brings us cooler temperatures and less humidity, it’s no excuse to put away your gardening hat.


Keep your wide brim hat on well into October to prevent the sun damage that can occur on overcast days.


  1. Quality Gloves


There are many stylish gardening glove options on the market that are cute and functional. Wear them while you’re in your fall garden to ensure your hands are protected from the harsh elements and thorns.


  1. A Good Cotton Shirt


Find a comfortable cotton shirt to protect your neck and arms while you’re in the garden. Mosquitoes can be a nuisance well into the cooler months, so select a long-sleeved one to prevent unnecessary bites.


  1. Gardening Pants


A comfortable pair of jeans or cargo pants that you can move in are necessary. Are you a traditional organic gardener? Grab your overalls! After all, can you really call yourself a true Iowa gardener if you don’t own at least one pair?


  1. Waterproof Footwear


Autumn in Iowa can be soggy, so find a quality pair of muck shoes or boots for muddy and slippery conditions. You can also don a pair of rubber boots or work boots to get the job done.


Pro tip: While you can gather and use each of these clothing items in your garden, it’s important to remember why you started your organic garden in the first place. Keep your garden free of harsh chemicals and pesticides by using organic products such as:



Creating your own compost pile is a key element to your fall garden. While compost can be turned throughout the year, don’t forget to apply it to your fall garden if your soil needs a little TLC.


When you use all-natural products in your organic garden, you’re preventing direct exposure to chemicals and pesticides that have proven to be detrimental to our health. Organic fertilizers like worm castings give your plants and vegetables all the nutrients they need without burning them.

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