10 Indoor Garden Plants Ideal for Fall

Chilly temperatures are on their way to Iowa, and it won’t be long before the first frost falls, but you can still enjoy your indoor garden plants!


Fall bids us farewell to the budding vegetables and lush greens that inhabit our summer gardens, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy greenery from the safety of your own home in the fall and winter.


If you’re an organic gardener then you know that most plants find indoor environments to be less than ideal. However, there are highly adaptable plants out there that will survive in conditions that simulate their natural ones.


The benefits of having highly adaptable indoor plants are:


  • If you forget to water them, they won’t die
  • Hardy indoor plants generally bounce back
  • They will bounce back faster than summer garden veggies


There are several hardy plants that are perfect for indoor conditions. If you’re looking to sustain your green thumb well into the heart of winter, try working with these ten plants:


Peace Lily


Lilies are ideal for curing the wintertime blues, plus they purify the air! Take care of your peace lily by giving it low to medium light and water it once a week.




Orchids add a dash of color to every room without being too bold. Whether you opt for a lovely purple or a dazzling white, your orchid is sure to brighten your household. Orchids are hardy but they do enjoy bright, indirect light.


Boston Fern


Ferns are great indoor plants and the Boston fern is the most common variety out there. They thrive in humid conditions so you may want to mist your ferns once or twice a week during the winter months.


ZZ palm


Want something low maintenance to grow indoors during the bitter Iowa winter? Go for the ZZ palm! Hailing from eastern Africa, this low maintenance plant first well with traditional or modern home decor.


Chinese Evergreen


If you’re starting to work with plants and don’t want to kill anything, we recommend giving the Chinese evergreen a try. This extremely durable plant can withstand poor light, dry air, and drought.


Hurricane Plant

Do you enjoy bold decor? Would you like a plant that makes a strong statement? Go for the hurricane plant! The hurricane plant hails from the tropical rainforest of southern Mexico but it thrives in home environments.

When looking for the hurricane plant online or in store, you may come across its nickname the “Swiss cheese plant” due to the ribbons or holes that naturally appear in its leaves.


Dragon Tree

Who says you can’t grow a tree in the middle of fall and winter? The dragon tree is a native of Madagascar and grows slowly. It’s known for its slim pointed leaves, is quick to show signs of neglect, but it bounces back quickly!



As an organic gardener, you may be feeling the desire to create your own herbs and balms. Even if you don’t plan on setting up your own in-home apothecary, you can benefit from an aloe vera plant in so many ways.

This easy-care succulent has distinctive elongated leaves and enjoys being placed on a sunny kitchen window.


Cast-Iron Plant

The cast-iron plant is almost indestructible because it can withstand so much neglect, low light, low humidity, and a variety of temperatures. If you have a darkened corner that should stand to have a planter, consider purchasing a cast-iron plant.


English Ivy


One plant that will liven up your space with lots of green is the English ivy. This plant is versatile as it is suitable for potted life and in hanging baskets. The English ivy can also be used as a shield or ground-cover plant for larger household plants.

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