How to Celebrate Veterans Day All Year Round in Iowa

Just a few days ago, we have witnessed the celebration of Veterans Day. We’ve seen parades and may have watched several documentaries showing the valor of these soldiers.


But should we celebrate and honor them only on this single day, November 11? Wouldn’t it be better if we can show our appreciation for all the sacrifices, they’ve given all year long?


History of Veterans Day


Veterans Day began after US President Woodrow Wilson issued a message during the 11th hour, the 11th day and 11th month of the year in 1918. This declares his heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has helped uphold the barrier of civilization against the aggressions of armed forces.


This soon became declared as Armistice Day, which soon evolved as Veterans Day under President Nixon.


A Unique Way of Celebrating Veterans Day All Year Round


There are many ways of celebrating and honoring the veterans all year round. Here are some ideas listed for you to consider


Say hello to a veteran


With 7.6% of the population in Iowa registered as veterans, it wouldn’t be that difficult to say “hi” to one of them. A warm smile and gesture of appreciation say a lot of things. Try it, today.


Celebrate with restaurants supporting the military


Patronize restaurants that are in support of the military. Ask a veteran to join you for lunch or dinner, occasionally. Have a friendly chat with them during snack time. Consider them as a friend and you’ll be giving them more than money can buy – #friendship.


Commune with the veterans


Bring your kids to the military hospital to say hello. Ask stories of warfare so the new generation will always strive to maintain peace and avoid conflicts. Let the new generation appreciate the hardships of these veterans. Start now.

Support Veteran Owned Small Business


The agriculture, forestry and fishing industries share 11.3% of veteran-owned businesses. Show your support by buying or choosing their services. Be part of the 67.6% of consumers and 37.9% of businesses who have chosen to purchase from these companies. Support local businesses while showing your appreciation for veterans.


About MCG BioMarkers©

Cedar Rapids have their own of veteran-owned small business under the ownership and management of Sam McCord, MCG BioMarkers©. It sells and distributes organic fertilizers and recyclable plant labels for gardeners, arboretums and botanical gardens. Order online, today.

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