To Buy or Not To Buy a Plant Marker This Holiday Season?

You may have missed our Small Business Saturday 10% discount offer.
You may have felt a bit bad that you weren’t able to make that purchase.
So you wait for another opportunity when that discounted deal is offered again.

You keep on waiting until you realize that it’s not coming back anytime soon.
What do you do next?

You go bargain hunting for a “similar” product. Sadly, these “similar” products will not be selling the same quality of plant markers we are selling.

But you see these priced at an incredibly cheaper price. Should you go and hit the shop now button and add it to your cart?

Hush, hush, hush. Think about these following things before taking that plunge!

Shop for price. Shop for value.


There is a reason why we seldom post deals and promos online. This is because we ensure all the plant markers we sell are of high quality. Read how we make our products here.

This takes time to create to ensure it has a lower carbon footprint. And being a certified small business veteran in Iowa, we do our best to live up to your expectations. Thus, all our products are checked for quality. This guarantees it will deliver the best results for your garden needs without doing any harm to the environment.

Read the deals carefully.


Some deals offer a discount only if you’ve reached a certain amount of spending. Think about it before you make that purchase. Do you really need that much of product for next year? If yes, then go ahead and grab that discounted deal. Otherwise, just buy what you need.

Stop too much bargain hunting.


Shopping for plant markers that have the lowest price tag will not always be beneficial to your garden. You may have thought that you’ve paid half of the price of the item, but is it that durable?

Sometimes, the difference comes with the durability of the plant markers. MCG BioMarkers® uses time tested weatherproof labels that can be printed with ink jet, laser printed or handwritten with the permanent ink markers, which are available on our web site. These labels are pressure sensitive, so you can easily remove it when it starts to wear out.

Are you worried that it will leave a residue when it peeled off?


These labels are very easy to peel off and will not leave any residue. All you need is to clean the marker, and it can be reused for a different plant.

So the big question is when will be our next discount?


Subscribe to this blog or like and follow our Facebook Page to be updated. You can never tell. We may grant your wish, this December!

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