How to Protect Potted Plants in Winter

Winter has come, and it is the time to protect the potted plants from drying out because of the cold winter weather and from the sharp sunlight. The roots of the plants may be damaged because of the ever so quick changing temperatures. The top part of the plant may look healthy, but the bottom part cannot take as much. Plants that are kept on pots can get used to the chilly temperature as time passes, but the young roots cannot. Young roots may be hurt when exposed to very cold temperature. There is a limitation as to how cold roots can take – for young ones, twenty-three-degree Fahrenheit and for the mature ones, nine-degree Fahrenheit.


To protect these roots from the cold winter weather, here are some points to consider:


Remove water from the surface


Water can freeze and thaw and freeze again depending on the temperature. Remove water from the surface of the soil because it will damage the plant. Check the pot for a good drainage.


Choose a bigger pot for the plant


If the pot is bigger, the cold temperature will not reach the roots easily. This may help cushion roots from the cold.


Do not expose the plant in a fluctuating temperature cycle


Keep the plants from being exposed to hot and cold weather cycles because it may cause damage to its roots. Place the pots on the soil. Placing pots on pavements may only make the hot weather hotter and the cold weather colder because pavements elevate either the heat or the cold.


Water the plants regularly


During winter, raining occurs a lot lesser, so it is important to water them regularly. The most ideal time to water the plants would be in the morning when the temperature is higher and warmer.


Place them inside the house if there is a room


The temperature inside the house is a lot less low than outside. Place the plants inside if you have enough space for them but be sure to place them somewhere the sunlight is accessible.


Plant them into the ground during the cold days


If you do not have enough space for the plants inside your house, you may consider planting them again into the ground. Even the big pots may not be enough to keep the roots from freezing. The ground is not very sensitive to the fluctuating temperatures.

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