Ten Potted Plants to Give as Holiday Gifts

Only a few days left before Christmas and you have not thought of gifts to give your gardener friends? Fret not because the list of potted plants that we prepared for you is definitely the best holiday gift ideas this holiday season.


1.Christmas Palm


Christmas palm tree is one of the easiest palm trees there is to grow. This type of palm trees can be planted indoors and outdoors. They are shorter than most palm trees, but they produce green, beautiful fronds. They also produced small-sized flowers beneath its fronds.




The holiday season is not complete without having poinsettias as decoration. We were made to believe that poinsettias are poisonous to pets, but it turns out that they are not. They are mostly bright red, providing the most effective color to feel more of the Holiday season.




Paperwhites are commonly grown indoors. They will bloom during winter if planted during late fall to early spring at most. Their color is white, as you can tell by the name and is fragrant.


4.Holiday Cactus


With minimal care, these cacti can produce beautiful flowers that can last for weeks. Other than poinsettias, holiday cactus is quite common during the holiday season as well.




Cyclamen’s blooms can be white or red, the perfect combination for the season. Its leaves usually grow during winter and die in spring.


6.Lucky Bamboo


It is not hard to spot lucky bamboos nowadays because they are said to bring luck most especially when gifted, although it is not scientifically proven. Their stalks are almost indestructible because of its flexible feature. They do not require a lot of care and they can survive for a long time without being properly watered.




Rosemary’s leaves are needle-like and green while their flowers can bloom in colors such as white, pink, purple, and blue. This plant has an aromatic scent to it. If the flowers have not bloomed yet, the plant can be decorated because it resembles a mini Christmas tree.




Kalanchoe comes in different colors of bloom that can enliven the Holiday vibe. They are readily available this season even though it is not commonly related to Christmas.




This type of flowering bulb is the easiest to bring to bloom. They bloom in vibrant colors that fit perfectly for the season. It’s undeniable that they are one of the most popular plants this Christmas season.


10.Norfolk Island Pine


Small Norfolk Island Pines can be used as a Christmas decoration and be placed atop tables. It resembles a Christmas tree when they are still small. They are usually dressed with Christmas ornaments when sold in your local plant store.


Mark these potted plants with MCG BioMarkers® for the recipient to remember who it came from and how to take care of it. Learn more about our plant markers. Visit our website.

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