How To Take Care of Your Potted Christmas Plants

For most people, the holiday season is not the best time for gardening because of the cold, snowy weather that may potentially make the seedlings unable to grow. That is not completely true. Sometimes, all you must do is change your gardening routine during the cold winter weather to keep your potted plants alive this season.


How to take care of these potted plants during the holiday season


Poinsettia – Make sure that there are holes in its pot because the common cause of death of this plant is overwatering. Water them only when needed.


Christmas cacti – While Christmas cacti can last for years, its flower buds may be detached from the plant itself if they do not get enough sunlight and water. Water as needed, but do not overdo it.


Amaryllis – Place them in a place where there’s bright sunlight during the day. If they are kept from sunlight, it may grow soft and will not have a firm shape. Turn the pot in every direction every few days to make the plant grow upright. Water regularly, but do not drown the plant.


Paperwhites – Place them in a cool place but has a good amount of sunlight. Once the flowers are in full bloom, tie them to keep the plant’s balance.


Rosemary – Give them enough sunlight. If given the needed amount of sunlight, the leaves will not drop. Even though rosemary’s do not need so much water, do not let them dry. Water them as needed.


Cyclamen – Place cyclamens on a place with not too much and spread out sunlight. Super warm conditions will take the plant a little bit more time to have flowers. It must be watered from below, not on top. Make sure that there are holes in the pot to allow the soil to absorb the water.


Frosty fern – It is best to water them with room temperature water and not with cold water. Same with cyclamens, frosty ferns must be watered from below and not on the top. Let the soil absorb water for about fifteen minutes before putting them away from the water source.


Norfolk pine – Norfolk pines need at least six hours of sunlight every day to keep the plant sturdy. If they are exposed to too little amount of sunlight, the leaves will tend to fall. Water when dry and don’t let it dry too much.

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