Why is winter a good time for planting?

If you are wondering if you can plant during wintertime, the answer would be yes. You can still plant during wintertime, only when the ground is not yet frozen. For the best results, be sure to plant in areas where the ground does not freeze.


Indoor planting may also be an option for those who live in regions that experience freezing brought by the cold winter weather. Freezing of the ground must not be a problem to regions that experience “mild winter.”



Here are some of the reasons why planting during winter season is not totally a bad idea:


1.Plants are “asleep” during winter.


If the plants are “asleep”, they most probably won’t suffer from stress of being transplanted. Plants tend to be stressed from being transplanted mostly when they are active during the warm season.


2.Diseases and pests are usually idle during the cold season.


Like the plants, plant diseases and pests are dormant in winter, too. One does not have to worry about their plant being eaten by pests when planted on the ground. It is unlikely for the plant to catch diseases that may result to wilting, molds, and scabs.


3.If the plants are “asleep”, they do not intake a lot of water.


During winter, it rains a little bit more frequent than the other seasons. With that, you will save a little from your water bill. However, if your plants are newly planted to the ground, it is recommended that you keep careful watch of it and water them as needed.


4.Habitualizing is easier for plants during the winter.


Trees and shrubs grow well during the cold season. If trees and shrubs have acclimated during the winter, early root growth will start in spring, before hot summer season arrives.


As you plant your winter garden, make it more organized with plant markers to properly label them. Order online, today.

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