Early Winter Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips for Early Winter – November to December


It’s not true that there’s nothing that you can do with your garden during the winter. Here are some tips on how you will be able to tend to your garden for the months November to December:


  • It is ideal to plant indoor plants during early winter. Not only that it will be better for plants that cannot stand the cold weather, but it will also brighten up your house and provide natural air purification. Plants that can brighten the house would be kalanchoe, jasmine, African violets, and many more.


  • Spread fall rye onto your vegetable plantings in order to keep weeds from growing. Doing so will also give the soil more nutrients.


  • Plant trees and shrubs. It is an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs, but only when the ground is not frozen. It is ideal in the sense that the plants will be able to habitualise themselves even before the intense heat during the summer season.


  • While you can’t still prune flowering shrubs because it’s quite risky, you can cut off dead branches first. It is not safe to prune flowering shrubs because during this time, they may or may not have flower buds already.


  • Always clear the branches from snow. It may damage the plant because of extremely low temperature and even its weight. Accumulated snow may be too heavy for the plant it may eventually break.


  • Clearing your garden from fallen leaves can be done during early winter, too.


  • Allot an area for your peas to grow after the wintertime. You can bore a ditch and stuff it with the fallen leaves you have cleared from your garden. Decayed leaves make is good for growing sweet peas.


  • Most importantly, you can for your garden’s new look and design for the coming new year.


This winter gardening tips may sound simple but following these recommendations will bring much benefit to your plants. Learn more gardening tips. Like and follow our Facebook page to remain posted.

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