Tips and Chores for Winter Gardening

For many, winter may not be the perfect time to work on their gardens, but have you thought of the chores that you failed to do during the busy seasons of planting? You can work on some of them during winter.


Here are a few chores that can keep you busy with your garden while you wait for the warmer and perfect for gardening seasons:


1.Getting ahead


Winter is the perfect time for transplanting and for snipping dead branches from your plants. Plants are usually dormant in the cold, therefore, they will not be stressed when transplanted. Doing this during the winter instead of waiting for spring will get you ahead from your gardening game because the roots will start to grow early. In addition to this, if you cut dead branches, it will lessen the probability that insects and pests will house in them.




Be sure that you have organized all your gardening tools and have cleared your garden with pots that may break when exposed to the freezing weather. To be safe, do not leave your gardening tools outside. Some of them may be worn out if they will be left out in extreme weather conditions.


3.Clear away the snow


Your plants may be fine with the freezing temperature, but some of them may break because of the weight of snow that has accumulated on their leaves or branches. Remember to clear the snow gently. If the snow has frozen the plant, do not be forceful. Let it thaw on its own.


4.Bring potted plants indoors


Not all plants can brave extreme freezing. It is best to transfer some of your potted plants indoors.


5.Read about gardening


If you are new to gardening, you can use this time to read and learn more about the art of gardening. Or if you are not new to gardening, you can still learn new things and obtain ideas, maybe your garden’s new look?


6.Be welcoming to birds


Make sure that your garden is welcoming to birds. They are friends, they keep insects and pests away from your plants!


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