6 Indoor Types of Crops to Consider this Winter Season

Snow has fallen.

Everything has turned white.

It is winter… but it doesn’t mean you should say goodbye to your gardening tools.

Keep your home alive with a  touch of green. Add these indoor crops and label it with recyclable plant markers, only from MCG Biomarkers.




Having your own potted herbs in the kitchen or elsewhere in your room is a great way to save money all year round. Not only will you not need to go buy herbs in the supermarket, but you are also assured that the spices you add to your food is absolutely organic and free from unwanted pesticides.

Moreover, having potted plants even during winter time helps boost an individual’s mood.

Are you interested to learn what herbs you can plant indoor this winter? Here are some of these:

  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Dill

Among all of these herbs, it is the basil and dill that needs a high heat requirement. So do place them in an area that has above 60 degrees even during the evening.




Who wouldn’t love greens on their salads, especially if you have planted this on your own?

Enjoy your arugula, spinach, lettuces, kale and other leafy greens even during winter. Harvest them even as baby greens for a crunchier salad experience with the family.

Sow new batch seeds every few weeks. Label it with your plant marker. This ensures you will have sufficient supply of greens this winter.


Cherry Tomatoes


Complete the ingredients of your tossed salad with your very own cherry tomatoes. Grow it indoors this winter by keeping it in a room with above 65 degrees and it will definitely thrive.


Chili Peppers


Not everyone may enjoy their food hot, but for those who do then having your own potted chili pepper will help you enjoy your meal even more. Among the different types of chili peppers, consider cayenne, as this is the easily ripens.

As for the growing requirements of these plants, do the same with how you take care of your cherry tomatoes and you’ll have a sufficient supply of these during winter time.




Yes! Do you know that citrus plants are great even winter time because it is when it starts to ripen. The secret in growing it is this – plant it in pots during spring or fall then keep them inside when evening temperature starts to dip below 50 degrees.

However, do stay away from oranges grapefruits, lemon and lime because these fruit bearing plants need direct sunlight to ripen.



These are very easy to grow, even during winter time. You may simply put this in a mason jar with a perforated lid and soak the seeds into it. This may be a mung bean, sunflower or an alfalfa. Leave it to germinate for a day or two while maintaining to rinse it twice in a  day.

You don’t need to worry about direct sunlight because this is not needed. Ordinary room lighting or a diffused light from a window is all that it will need.

Enjoy taking care of your potted plants this winter season. For any queries or concerns. Feel free to message or leave a comment below.


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