Things You Shouldn’t Do When Gardening During Winter

It’s very tempting to overly care for your plants during the winter season. But there are some things you shouldn’t do to your garden during this season of cold and snow. This includes the following:


Never fertilize


Yes! We understand that you only want to give your plants some nutrients, but this will not do it any good. Rather it will only bring your harm.

Winter time is the season when your plants go dormant and rest. Thus, it is wiser not to force it to grow during the cold weather because it will only interrupt its growth cycle.

For one, your plant will be struggling hard just to survive the ice storms and the freezing temperature. So, give it some kindness and just let it rest.

You’ll soon see the results of this during summer and spring when your garden starts to grow again.


Forgetting to water the plants


It may be snowing, but it doesn’t mean your plants don’t need water. Give it a once-a-week deep watering so the new plantings can benefit from the it.

Why is this important?

Just like your skin, trees may also suffer from the low-humidity of the winter season. Thus, the risks of these plants dying out. However, by supplying it with enough water during winter, you are allowing your plants to get ample supply of water.

When should you water your plants?

Ideally, it is best to water your plants during midday when the temperature is not too cold. For additional questions, post your comment below.


Worry about the bulb foliage


It is natural to see some spring flowering bulbs appearing during winter time. Don’t be too scared about them. That is just how nature works.

They remain dormant during winter time but do expect them to bloom when the spring or summer arrives. So it is best to relax and just let nature do perform its course on your garden.


Cleaning up the garden


Everyone wants to have a clean backyard, but when it comes to your garden it is best not to clean it. Let nature take its course during this time as it allows the leaves to decompose and give back some of its nutrients to the soil.

As for the large and small creatures wanting to survive the cold winter, let them have some share of your garden leftovers. Support wildlife by letting these organisms and creatures strive harmoniously, together.


Do you have winter gardening tips you want to share with us?  Post it in the comment box below.

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