What Makes an Amazing Garden Marker?

Garden markers are effective tools to remind you of what you have planted, when it was planted, and certain specifications associated in taking care of a plant.


These are commonly used in:

  • Nurseries
  • Green houses
  • Parks
  • Public gardens
  • Landscapes


However, many homeowners and gardeners have also found this useful in helping them better cultivate their plants.


Today, we’ll differentiate the different features of these garden markers for you to know how to choose the most appropriate garden marker for your garden.


Things to look for when choosing a garden marker


When choosing a garden marker, it is important to:


Choose one that is earth friendly


As a gardener, you are most likely to use all endeavors’ that would help support Mother Earth. So why choose a garden marker that will not contribute to the betterment of the environment?


Thus, it is important to choose a garden marker that is eco-friendly and will not hurt the environment in any way.


Choose one that is either biodegradable or made from recyclable materials. In this manner, you are assured that you are not hurting the environment in any way.


Choose a garden marker that is sturdy and reusable


True! You should consider the biodegradable nature of your garden markers. But it should also deliver the reason why you have bought it in the first place.


There is no use buying something that is eco-friendly but will only break in a matter of days. Thus, you should choose an organic garden marker that is sturdy enough to last for years.


Moreover, find one that can be reused time and again. This prevents you from having to buy new ones each time you have a new set of crops to plan for the following season.


Choose one that is made in the USA


Buying USA made products helps boost the economy of our country. Moreover, it aids in giving jobs to US citizens, while ensuring jobs for future generations.


It is also beneficial in promoting American independence while adhering to government standards. This guarantees the quality of goods of all the products that has been certified USA made.


About MCG BioMarkers®


MCG BioMarkers manufactures garden markers, not only for Iowa, Cedar Rapids, but for all garden lovers around the United States and Canada. These products are not only proudly American made, but we are also a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.


All our organic garden markers have passed US standards and is currently used by many associations in the USA including the American Hosta Society, American Peony Society, American Iris Society, American Hemerocallis Society, and the American Public Gardens Association to name a few.

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