Movies Where Plants are “The Star”

So, you want more movies about plants for your binge-watching pleasure this weekend? Let’s have a night of plant movies with these movies:




Watch this together with your children or grand-kids to help teach them about the ecosystem and Mother Earth. It will help them better care for your plants and even the environment.





This is futuristic alright, but this movie is focused still in caring for the environment. If it looks a bit like FernGully, well it got had its inspiration from that. Nevertheless, this is not for the kids to watch.



3.The Medicine Man


When the cure for cancer can only be found in the rainforest, what do you do?

Watch Campbell as he journeys into the forest in search for the cure.



5.The Lorax


This is another film to be watched together with the little ones. It teaches them why they should take care of trees. With its colorful animation, your children will enjoy watching this.



Oh! And did we mention the music is absolutely lively? This will warm-up your weekend as you spend quality time with your kids.


5.The Martian


What happens if you land on Mars? How will you survive?



Plants will help you survive. Thus, all the reason for you to love your plants. We just hope Matt Damon had some organic plant markers when he created the garden in “Mars.”


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